2022 is here! In with the self-care and improvements, and out with the bad habits. As we leave 2021, here are 4 work habits to leave with it. Check it out!

Starting The Week Without a Plan

This year, make it a priority to prepare ahead. At the end of the workweek – organize your tasks for the beginning of the following week. Leaving work on Friday without organizing your tasks for Monday can make Mondays feel incredibly daunting. But the more prepared you are – the less of a stressor it will be. Write out what needs to be done on Monday, and the order of importance. Whatever you don’t get to Friday, is now on Monday’s list- and Monday now has a plan. You’ll be thanking yourself, trust us.

Ignoring Burnouts

“This is a historic time; we’ve never been through anything like this. Our mental health and our physical health are really being taxed,” Darcy Gruttadaro, the director of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health, says. If you’re noticing you feel a mental block, or your plate is too full and you find your mind wandering – take the break. Ignoring burnout hurts not only your performance, but your mental health, and your job satisfaction. This year don’t try to work through them. Take the breaks you need. Whether it be a few minutes, an hour, or a day off. Acknowledging burnouts is no longer a suggestion, it’s a necessity.

Avoiding Tasks that Take 30 Seconds / 10 steps to Get Done

One of the best ways to avoid procrastination is the 30 second, 10 step rule. If you can get somewhere in 10 steps and put something where it belongs, or you can complete a task within 30 seconds – do it right then and there. Getting rid of the quick easy tasks that sometimes are put off – can significantly help lighten the mental load, keep you motivated and avoid procrastinating.

Skipping Meals

Although you may feel too “busy” to take the time to eat, you’re actually doing yourself a huge disserve. Eating provides energy, increases your metabolism, and helps with work efficiency and performance. If you have a shorter lunch break – pack your lunch the night before, and make them simple. Bring an extra snack like an apple, or a granola bar to have throughout the day in case you feel the need to up your energy, or you’re feeling hungry. And don’t forget the water.  More water, less iced coffee this year.



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