When a new employee is starting a new job, first impressions are critical. They should feel comfortable and welcome. Not assisting a new employee in starting off on the right foot can affect job satisfaction, quality of work, and retention. Here are some tips on what not to do when welcoming a new employee during their first few days in the office.

Not Being Prepared

It is crucial to be prepared before any new employee starts a new job. Go through all tasks, schedules, and training prior to their arrival. If an employee begins their first day feeling like the company is unprepared for them, it can leave a negative impact on the company, as well as affect their motivation to contribute. Ensure their schedule is filled with training, work, introductions, breaks, etc.

Here is an example of a Hybrid employee checklist.

Thinking You Don’t Need to Provide Training

As a new employee, training is everything. It may not be the most exciting, or enjoyable task; however, it allows a safe space for new employees to learn, ask questions, and feel prioritized. Doing so also limits confusion and stress. Prepare an employee’s training well before their start date. It is important that everything is organized and their tasks are clear and manageable from day one.

Forgetting to Introduce Them

Getting to know the team in the first few days of starting a new job is a critical step in aiding an employee to feel welcome. The sooner they build connections, the sooner they will feel part of the team. Forgetting to do this takes away their ability to connect, which in turn lowers job satisfaction. Be sure to give new employees a tour on their first day of the office. Introduce them to all departments and teams, expressing the role of each person, and if/when the new employee will be working with them.

Letting Them Be Independent Too Early

Of course, you want your employee to start on their tasks as soon as possible, but be sure not to let them loose too quickly.  Check-in with them frequently to be sure they’re comfortable with their schedule, tasks, etc. Starting a new job can feel intimidating and no matter how welcome someone feels, they may not feel totally comfortable asking questions right away. Checking in allows them a safe space to do so.



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