Oh, the holidays! An expeditious time of year when, an already challenging, work-life balance becomes even harder to achieve. Last holiday season seemingly just ended, though you likely can’t recall what you did or where you were– it’s all a blur. The weeks leading to the holidays can often exacerbate burnout as you juggle end-of-year deadlines, performance reviews, travel, and holiday parties among other obligations. Below we will offer some ideas to help ease your stress and keep you on track this holiday season.

  • Schedule Time Off – Now is the time to use up the remainder of your PTO. Maybe your family travels for the holiday, or maybe you host, and you need an extra day of frantic preparation. Schedule your day(s) off as soon as possible. Not only will you have a clear idea of what work needs to be done around your PTO, but it will allow coworkers to know as well. Additionally, when you take time off, step away from your devices and give your undivided attention where it’s due.
  • Plan Ahead – If you know when you’re going to be away from work be sure to plan your days accordingly. Your productivity should not slack during the holidays if you can help it. If there are tasks you can get ahead on, do that. Keep a line of communication open with your superior regarding completed tasks as well as tasks that will need completing in your absence so they can plan accordingly.
  • Prioritize your Work – Some industries may find the holidays to bring a slower pace to their workday. Now may be a good time to address those tedious tasks you may have otherwise been putting on the back burner. Tie up loose ends and prepare for the year to come.
  • Set Goals – Don’t forget to applaud yourself on another year in the books. Reflect on what went well and what you could work on moving forward. Set achievable goals for the coming year and develop a plan of attack.
  • Self-care – The holidays are an easy time to feel burned out considering your increasing list of “to-do’s.” Be sure to prioritize time for yourself whether it be going for a walk, making time to read a book, or even joining an online fitness class to decompress. Don’t put yourself on the backburner because It can be difficult to find your way back to the front.

The holiday season can be demanding both inside and outside of work. There are events that need attending, projects that need wrapping up (and presents), and goals that need setting for the year to come. Understandably it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Having a “checklist” can alleviate your stress and give you a positive direction to move.

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