As people, companies, employees, and employers are providing support and speaking out – we wanted to share even more resources on how to develop an anti-racist workplace, how to be an ally, and how to continue to support #blacklivesmatter. Check it out, below.

7 Important Books for Building an Anti-Racist Workplace

Want to create a “truly” inclusive workplace? Here are some black-owned bookstores, and books to read to build an inclusive anti-racist workplace. “(Some of these books are temporarily sold out because of the increased demand, but these picks are all worth adding to your reading list.)” Add to your list, here.

How to Build an Actively Anti-Racist Company

“As a leader and a white male, racism is not a subject that I’m as comfortable speaking about as many others,” Blumenthal says. “But my comfort level and my vocabulary can’t limit the amount that I speak to it, and can’t limit the action that we take.” Says Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO of Warby Parker. Keep reading, here.

6 Ways to be Antiracist, Because Being ‘Not Racist’ Isn’t Enough

Wondering if you’re doing enough to play a part? Here are some steps you can follow, such as identifying inequalities and disparities among race, confronting your racist ideas, and more. Check it out.

The Antiracist Resources Fortune Staffers Are Reading and Sharing

“Many people, including Fortune staffers, have been gathering and circulating resources to undo and unlearn racism”. Looking for even more resources? Provide support to organizations, another list of books to read, articles, tv shows, and movies to watch, Instagram accounts to follow, black-owned businesses to support, and more.

What to Do If Your Company Has Been Silent About George Floyd, Protests, and Racism in America

If you’re feeling lost, or overwhelmed by the events happening in the world, and your company has not spoken out, “whether in terms of a public statement, an internal dialogue, a commitment to long-term action, or immediate support for Black employees” here are actions that you can take.

11 Anti-Racist Actions You Can Take at Work—Today and Every Day

As an employee, you may be wondering how you can provide support, and participate in the movements while being at work. Here are 11 things that you can do today, such as soliciting honest feedback, taking inventory on your personal actions and views, educating yourself, encourage your employer to ask how their employees are doing, and more.