Whether you’re currently employed or not, job searching can be complex. With countless platforms, programs, websites, and email chains, it can be easy to get disheveled during your job search. If you’re applying to multiple positions you should consider utilizing a tracking method. We’ve created and linked a free Microsoft Excel Job Search Tracker, below!

The easiest way to track extensive information is with resources such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. We’ve created a template you can use on Excel for your job search, here:

Job Search Tracker Template

Tracker Explained:
  1. The first column is “Date Applied”. We listed this first so you can quickly and easily see the timeline of each job application with each specific company.
  2. Next is “Platform/Website Used”, as well as “Position Applied For”. The platform used should be the website, program, or job search board you applied on, and the position applied for should be the actual job title the company titled the position so you can easily locate it on your spreadsheet.
  3. Next is the “Company Name”, and “Documents Submitted”. This is important for a few reasons. Maybe you have different versions of your resume geared towards specific industries/positions. Maybe you submitted a portfolio or sent your references. Documenting this will be helpful for later conversations.
  4. Next isJob Descriptionwhere you can include the job description link for easy access.
  5. Next is “Status”. This column is to document where you’re at in the process, I.e. application sent, interview scheduled, waiting for follow up, etc.
  6. Lastly, are three checkbox columns: “Follow Up”“Thank You Sent”, and “Offer Made”. These three columns will encourage you to complete them. Following up will show the hiring manager your level of interest and sending a thank you can leave a great post-interview impression.

We’ve also included custom “cell- styles” that can be found at the top of the spreadsheet to color-code jobs by “Active” and “Inactive”. If you’ve applied for a position and another candidate was chosen, you can mark that application in red as inactive. For job applications that are still active and in the process, you can mark green. (The first two rows can be removed or left for examples).


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