There are many things to take into consideration in finding a job post-graduation. Here are a few steps you shouldn’t forget during your job search.

Take Inventory of Your Social Platforms

Take some time prior to beginning your job search to manage and/or clean up your social media. Make accounts private if you feel that you need to, or sift through the past posts that you have shared to be sure you are comfortable with employers seeing your content.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile (Or Create One)

LinkedIn is all about building connections, sharing your experience, and utilizing the platform as a resource. If you do not currently have a LinkedIn profile, create one today, and begin to establish your professional presence online. Here are some tips on what to include, here.

Manage Your Voicemail

Be sure you set up your voicemail box and check that you have room to receive messages. When you start receiving calls back, you want your name to be clearly stated, with a prompt so that employers know how to get in touch with you.

Reach Out to Your Network

Sometimes the greatest resource to your job search is the people you already know. Connections play a huge role in filling positions. Connections create familiarity and referrals, which help your chances to be considered for an interview or at least a resume review. Reach out to friends, family, and alumni to discuss opportunities. You never know who they know!

Create Your Workplace Attire

As a college grad, you may not have the exact professional attire that you would like to wear to an interview. Try to put together a few outfits that you can wear to interviews, prior to your job search.

Contact a Recruiting Company

Recruiters can be a great resource for anyone looking for a job. While you shouldn’t rely entirely on a recruiter, they’re a great way to expand your job search. After you send in your resume to a recruiter, they’ll keep it on file until they find a position that may be right for you. At that point, they will reach out to see if you are interested. Best of all, they’re usually free, as they work for the hiring companies, not the candidates. Here are some job placement services that we offer, here!