Standing out at work can be more challenging than it sounds. However, there are a few tips we have to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Check it out!

Stay Authentic

This may be one of the more obvious tips, but hear us out. Trying to alter your personality or change the way you act/engage with others will do you more harm than good – as it is not natural, and not long-term for you. Standing out for being genuine will happen more naturally, and when you’re authentic you’ll get more enjoyment out of your work as well.

Be Reliable

Being reliable not only means showing up on time for work and playing your part as an employee, but it’s also relevant to projects and tasks. Ensure you are completing tasks on time, and if you commit to doing a favor for another employee or employer – follow through. When you are known as the person to stick by their commitments and that you are a reliable employee/coworker – you increase your value at the company.

Propose Your Ideas

Whether you believe your ideas will be implemented or not, if you continuously brainstorm ways to make the company better, make more money, or improve processes, management will appreciate your contributions. Having an employee who wants to improve the company is beneficial to the business. If you find a more efficient way to perform a task, propose it! Just because it’s traditionally the way things have been done in the past doesn’t mean there is not a better way. Maybe someone else just has not taken the time to assess it. Your superiors will appreciate the increased efficiency, and your desire to do what is best for the organization.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

Having relationships with your coworkers doesn’t only benefit your enjoyment at work, but also you can boost each other up, support each other, pick up each other’s slack when need be, and makes the workplace more inclusive and collaborative. Take every opportunity you can to develop a strong bond with your coworkers. In the same event, avoid office politics. You do not want your involvement in gossip or office friction to prevent you from standing out with your hard work.

Be Open

You should also try and take on as many opportunities as you can when they come along. Be open to new projects, new ideas, and assisting with tasks that you feel that you can successfully contribute to.