You can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are even more internship interview questions you can expect. Check them out, below.

Before we dive in, the majority of the interview questions below can be answered using what is known as the STAR method.  The star method is an acronym that stands for ways in which to answer feedback interview questions. Made up of 3 “components”. First, describe, ST: Situation/Task,  so others can understand the context. Next, explain A: Action, give details about what you/someone else did to handle a situation. Last is, R: Result “Describe what was achieved by the action and why it was effective.”

Give an example of a time when you showed initiative at work.

This interview question is for companies to determine if you are assertive, decisive, work well under pressure, or obtain leadership qualities. Taking initiative displays confidence. You can act in a time of need, instead of reacting. Take time to think of any and all situations where you took on a leadership role or took initiative. Example answer: There was a new project that was submitted to our department. Our manager was out of the office that day. We needed to delegate and begin working on the project but there was no supervisor to do so. Therefore, I stepped up and listed out the jobs that needed to be done, and worked with the team to divvy up responsibilities among ourselves.

Describe a challenge you overcame.

Not only does the interviewer want to gauge what you deem as a “challenge”, but it shows your ability to problem-solve, what type of outlook/attitude you have when faced with challenges, and what they can expect if the same were to arise while working for them.  Example answer: I recognized our website was down one morning. Our website is where we receive a lot of customers orders, answer questions, and provide information to the public. Instead of announcing to the entire office that the website was down, I took a few minutes to problem solve myself. Was it a specific web page, the internet itself, our server, or a fluke in the website for all company sites? Once I realized it was a server issue – I contacted the website developer and it was back and running within minutes. I shared the problem with management and expressed that it was resolved. In doing so I didn’t bring the problem onto more people. I informed them of the issue and that it was already fixed.

Can you share an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Interviewers like to ask this question to determine how you would define “success”. This portrays your ambition and whether or not you are goal-oriented. Example answer: I was working as an executive administrator. I was asked by my supervisor to give a presentation teaching the staff how to use our new team-based work management website. This was my first presentation given to the entire company, and I was excited for the opportunity even though I don’t have much experience in public speaking. I prepared the presentation well in advance to feel totally comfortable with the information, which boosted my confidence and in doing so I delivered an informative and successful training session in which I feel now I can do anytime again in the future. 



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