Being fresh out of college and getting thrown into the job market can be overwhelming. Between the usual stress of graduation, all of the times you’re asked “do you have a job lined up?”, and the ongoing pandemic (that’s FINALLY starting to simmer down a bit), you may feel stressed and under pressure to find your dream job.  

But not to worry, there are ways to expedite your job search and help you get your foot in the door. Being a recent graduate is NOT a death sentence in the job market. In fact, there are an array of reasons that some companies love hiring recent grads. There are also a ton of ways you can use it to your advantage, so don’t get become unmotivated. Check out our job search tips for the recent college grad… 

Network, Network, Network!

If you’ve heard the phrase “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”, you’ve heard correctly. So many jobs are staffed based upon connections. In fact, many people land jobs that haven’t even been officially posted yet. How? Networking. You can find networking events on social media, through alumni emails from your Alma mater, through friends, or on various networking sites. Even in the era of COVID-19, networking is still possible through virtual events and job fairs. Get your name out there and leave a positive impression with an array of employers!

Ignore the Years of Experience. 

When you see an entry-level job posting, don’t be intimidated by the “x amount of years required” if that’s listed. You shouldn’t ditch the job just because of this one detail. Cover letters and your resume serve as a way to show your experience without putting a number on it. Companies want employees that can be adaptable and workers who can grow on the team. Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to perform the job duties, such as teamwork, taking initiative, or your attention to detail. This could make up for your lack of time in the workforce. 

Change the Way You Use Social Media. 

Potential employers will look you up on social media! So for starters, make sure anything you post publicly is “employer-friendly.” This is somewhat subjective, obviously, but use your best judgment. If you’re even slightly worried that you may offend or alienate a potential employer you’d love to work for, don’t post it. Sure, college was a blast, but if you’re on a serious job hunt, it’s time to shift your social media away from social life and partying and towards meaningful content that will actually help get you hired. 

Use Your Freshness to Your Advantage-Show Off! 

Don’t view your recent entry into the workforce as a negative thing. Lots of employers are eager to hire people fresh out of college for many reasons. First, you’re like a blank slate in some ways. Companies want people who can adapt and grow within their culture. Use the fact that you are new to the workforce to stress this in your cover letters and interviews. Additionally, being a recent grad means you are full of contemporary knowledge. Being up to date on emerging technology and advancements is a HUGE plus. You are young, motivated, and full of fresh, new ideas. Make it known!  

Be Proactive 

Sometimes jobs may fall into your lap, but most likely not. Use every job board you can to locate opportunities, but also don’t be afraid to reach out to employers when they’re not hiring. Sending a Letter of Interest is a great way to expand your network and find even more potential opportunities. Plus, being proactive leaves a great impression so when they are hiring, your name will be sure to come to mind!  

Being a recent grade searching for employment is always hard, but even more so in the midst of a pandemic. However, finding a job fresh out of college is far from impossible. Keep these tips in mind and use your freshness to your advantage. You’ll be surprised how many companies want to get their hands on a recent grad!