How do you start your morning? Whether you are doing it intentionally or not I’ll bet you have a routine that you practice daily. Studies have shown that 88% of people carry out a morning routine, and among them, over 90% were more productive because of it. So, think back to this morning, did you wake up before your family to enjoy a cup of coffee peacefully? Did you get in a good sweat session? Play with your fur babies? It is human nature to adapt to a routine that will leave you feeling satisfied and prepared to start your day on the right foot. We have found that practicing our morning routines also helps us to feel a better work-life balance because it allows us to begin our day our way! Maybe your routine has gone stale and you’re thinking you want to change it up. Keep reading to find out how some of our team members like to start their day. Who knows, maybe you will see something that you might like to try!

Anne – Recruiter

Anne’s morning routine actually begins the night before! She likes to pack her lunch and select her outfit for the day to follow so this way there are, “no decisions to be made in the morning.” Feeling rushed is not her forte! She wakes up to an alarm at the same time each day to keep consistent. Anne likes to give herself a sufficient amount of time to get to work (despite morning traffic). She arrives 10+ minutes early so she can get settled and prepare for her day. Pro Tip: She likes to save her morning cup of coffee for when she arrives at work as opposed to drinking it at home which gives her something to look forward to! Nothing wrong with starting your day with a smile!

Karolina – Sr. Recruiter

Karolina begins her morning by waking up around the same time each day by an alarm. She likes to prepare her food for the week on the weekends and bring it to work on Monday, this way it is one less thing to think about each morning. She makes a point to not check her phone (both work and personal) for 30 minutes after waking up. We’ve all seen something in our scroll through social media that may cause a sour attitude and this way she prevents this from happening first thing in the morning. Way to take control, Karolina! She also enjoys spending a few extra minutes with her cat, Hudson before she makes the commute to work. Karolina, much like Anne likes to save her cup of coffee for when she gets to work. It also gives her a treat to look forward to and keeps her feeling focused throughout the day!

Alex – Office Administrator

Alex admits she certainly likes her sleep and is not so consistent with her wake-up time. She may snooze her alarm 2 or 3 times depending on the day. Though, she will say she has never once regretted getting up 15-20 minutes early with her dogs, Knox and Mötely, to enjoy some scratches and a hot cup of coffee. Alex likes to ensure a sufficient amount of time to give toward getting ready (hair, makeup, outfit) because it makes her feel better when she looks better. Once in a while, she makes an effort to leave 15 minutes early to grab herself a coffee and a muffin from the local coffee shop to give her something to enjoy first thing when she arrives at work. She is a 2-cup of coffee type of girl so she will typically enjoy one cup at home and one cup at work.

We hope that you can see how important coffee is to our morning routines, which is no surprise because surveys show that over 60% of American adults drink at least one cup of joe every day. We’d love to hear what your morning routine is too! If you are in the job market, please give us a call at (518) 275-4816 or submit your resume to where we are happy to assist in finding your perfect fit!