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27 08, 2019

Have Little to No Career Experience? Here’s How to Craft Your Resume

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If you’ve recently graduated from college, or have little to no career experience, job searching can be intimidating. However, there have been countless individuals that have gone through the same experience and all it takes is some preparation. Starting with your resume. We’re going to share how to craft a resume – without much career-related experience. Check it out. […]

17 08, 2018

Link Roundup: How to Get Ahead in Your Career

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Staying in one place in your career can get tiresome. Growing, gaining more skills, and learning helps to improve job satisfaction, motivation, and passion. If you’re at a point where you’re looking for the next step but aren’t sure how, check out these links with great advice on how to get ahead in your career! […]

9 07, 2018

Adding Soft Skills to Your Resume

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Though negotiable, soft skills are actually an important element to a resume. Conveying your soft skills can be done in a multitude of different ways. Most candidates put them in a special section and list them out. While others list them within their job experience duties. Now what way is best and what skills should you be highlighting? We’re here to tell you! […]

14 08, 2017

How To Showcase Soft Skills in Your Job Search

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Soft skills are a crucial component of every position. While they may not be listed in the job description, they are just as important as any technical skills. ‘Hard working’, ‘strong communicator’, ‘organized’, and all of those types of skills are important, sometimes enough so to be on a job description. Obviously as a candidate you want to indicate to your hiring manager that you have these skills, but how? In today’s blog we’ll describe how you can convey these in a way that is professional and tasteful. […]

24 04, 2017

The Importance of Soft Skills

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When a job seeker is considering applying to a job, their eyes usually wander straight to qualifications. In a way, this is self-screening, a way to make sure you’re not needlessly applying for a job you’re not qualified for. It’s a smart tactic, which can save you from a lot of wasted time. However, there are some qualifications that aren’t usually listed on the job description: soft skills. These are typically left off the job description, since they are assumed to be present. Just because they aren’t listed doesn’t mean they’re unimportant however. Quite the opposite! Soft skills can be a [...]

7 04, 2017

Link Roundup 4/7/17: Finding the Right Job

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Big Jobs Miss: Employers Add Disappointing 98,000 Jobs in March While this year was off to a great start in terms of job growth, it seems that growth has been stifled somewhat. While economists were predicting 180,000 jobs to be added in March, the reality was only 98,000. The drop has been attributed to a few different factors, the largest of which is the winter weather that plagued most of the Northeastern U.S.. This weather and other factors affected job growth and payroll gains. However, it’s not all bad. The U.S. unemployment rate continued to decline, and fell to 4.5%, [...]

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