Even though most of the United States is working remote due to strict guidelines, people are beginning to get antsy because they want to know when they can return to their normal work setting. Some employees have figured out how to stay organized, but some are feeling the cons of work from home life. Here are some negatives we thought were the most important:


When you are working from home often times you begin to feel isolated. Staying within your own home at all hours of the day for some can really impact them negatively. Since you gain more independence, the challenge employees face is finding ways to eliminate the feeling of isolation.

A way to avoid this is to schedule times to leave your house or to socialize outings/ events with friends and family. This will allow you to look forward to something all while feeling a sense of companionship because you are interacting with friends or family.


As you adjust to remote life, it is very common to work longer than regular hours thus leading yourself to feeling burnt out. This can be due partially because of communication issues as well as ensuring completion of all tasks. For example, since you are more independent it can be harder to stay in contact constantly like you would in an office setting. Also when switching to remote everyone wants their work to be their best and organizing yourself to ensure top quality work is a major key factor. If you fail to organize yourself or figure out a routine that works best for you, you will easily become over worked.

A suggestion that some people took into consideration is to stick to the same work life routine but translate it into a nice setting within your home. Try and steer away from using the kitchen table as your office. If you are able to convert a room or utilize a current space that is more secluded this is where people find the most success because the distractions are at a minimum and allow them to accomplish all their tasks for the day in a timely manner.


When in a new setting within the comfort of your own home, the will power to stay focused, driven and organized is essential. There are so many distractions that will cause you to become sidetracked. Self-discipline within an individual is one of the most important factors to be successful when remote. To have that inner drive is special and something that a lot of people wish they could always have. The people who favor work from home life usually can balance everything because of how disciplined they are.

Company Culture May Suffer

Not being in an office setting is hard for a company to carry on traditions to keep their company culture. People often begin to miss the interactions between everyone and office camaraderie. Leaders within the company have now had to adapt to different ways in order to try and maintain their culture the best they can.

Communication Issues

Remote work is bound to have communication flaws because of the isolation that occurs. Each individual is now isolated so figuring out how to maintain effective communication is crucial. Unfortunately for some people and companies this factor is too important and they just don’t adjust to remote work the same. In other words, their work suffers because of their lack of communication.


Like anything, there are always pro’s and con’s to each scenario. Unfortunately, with remote work some people have figured out a system that works for them while others are struggling. Finding that balance between work life and home life varies per person based off an unlimited number of factors. Ultimately, just like with anything, some people adapt to certain situations better than others and working from home is one of them.