Working from home? Yeah, most of the United States is but what are the pros of remote life? Here are some of our favorite key points:

Commuting… What’s That?

Were you someone who commuted over 20 minutes to work? What about 45 minutes? Receiving that time back because your commute time is to your laptop somewhere within your home is a huge perk to WTF life.

Many people enjoy not having to deal with their commute or the traffic that may be involved with it. Although some people are strictly working from home 5 days a week, others have been beginning a cycle rotation of a 2/3 rotation. Going into the office for 2 days while the other 3 are remote is an approach attempt by companies to ultimately return to ‘normal’.


The versatility of connecting is endless. That is why some people enjoy switching up their workplace setting when they are remote. People have figured out how to stay organized to relocate and enjoy a change in scenery within the comfort of their own home.

Not only can they bounce around their home, they can also completely relocate. For example, if someone has a lake house and can connect, they have that option to do so. If you are connected when you need to be and functioning properly the person’s ability to relocate freely is another huge perk.


Better work life balance translates to the overall happiness of the employee. Being able to stay flexible allows that employee to maybe get other tasks done that they couldn’t before. For example, throwing in a load of laundry, or running the dishwasher lets the person balance home life and work life to free up other time for say, family. Now that you have the ability to work from anywhere individuals have taken advantage to get done essential tasks to benefit themselves and their lifestyle more.

Communication is Tested

Since you are no longer in an office setting with your co-workers by you to have a constant line of communication, this element is extremely important to uphold. Although you may have the flexibility to be more free in certain aspects, that doesn’t mean to let your communication dwindle.

Your company may have approached this situation by keeping your weekly meetings or adjusting your original schedule to have more phone calls/ video meetings throughout the day to keep everyone informed. What ever the approach may be, remember to stay proactive on your end to eliminate confusion. This will allow everything to still run smoothly!

Job Satisfaction Increased

Satisfaction increases in remote positions because of the flexibility component. You have the ability to make decisions more independently all while being able to work comfortably. These two key components allow an individual to not become overwhelmed by office related stress, any interruptions, or challenges that you may have encountered in a traditional workplace. This is a direct result to job satisfaction.


Overall, there are many great benefits to working remote. Job satisfaction, performance, and work life balance all are impacted, usually in a positive manner. If you can figure out how to create a schedule to keep yourself on track to stay organized, these people generally take advantage of remote life because they understand how to utilize their time to benefit from other perks.