If you’re wondering how you can become happier, more productive, and an overall better employee at work, eliminating bad habits is the first step. Not only do they hinder your ability to do the best you can, but they also make you more prone to performance problems that can prevent you from moving up and even impact your work-life balance. Check out these poor habits that you need to ditch NOW!

Skipping Breaks and Meals

It’s very common for employees to be so caught up in their work and so busy that they insist there is no time for a break. This is not true and one of the worst habits to have at work. Breaks or meals are meant to be a time where you can separate yourself from work for a little while. Being able to get some fresh air, tame your growling stomach and clear your head will make you ten times more productive than if you are working straight through the day. No matter how busy you are, there’s always time to take 15 minutes and regroup.

Working While Sick

Going into work when you feel under the weather is never a good idea. Not only can you get your co-workers sick, but it’s also a given that you will not be as productive if you don’t feel good. Take the time to rest up and get yourself feeling right rather than potentially making things worse.


This is another common habit seen in the workforce. Procrastinating doesn’t do anything but make your job harder in the long run. Avoid putting off tasks until the last possible moment. Instead, make a task list at the beginning of each workday and check off each task as you complete it. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment as you remove each task from your list throughout a workday.


If you apologize constantly for every little thing, whether or not it’s warranted, you may be standing in the way of your success. There is never a need to apologize for having an opinion, needing help, or taking too long to do your best work. And remember, the more you say sorry, the less meaning it has!

Hating Your Workspace

Employees spend far too much time working to not enjoy where they do it. Adding some photos, plants, or another décor to spice up your area can make all the difference! If you like your workspace, you will be happier when you’re there and therefore more productive.

Failing to Ask for Help

Many people may be afraid that asking for help will make them seem uneducated, unreliable, or incapable. This is false, as asking for help shows your eagerness to learn and do things correctly! Engage with coworkers and ask them for assistance any time you are struggling to complete a task. You can also provide support to coworkers any time they ask for assistance.

Sticking With a Career You Hate

If you feel unhappy in your current job, don’t wait to make a change. At this point, consider what makes you happy, evaluate your career goals, and establish a plan to make your career aspirations come true. Don’t come to terms with hating your job!

These bad habits won’t be fixed overnight, but recognizing that you need to make a change is the first step. By ditching these habits, you will improve yourself as an employee, co-worker and person.