Oftentimes we can feel our work is mundane. We are not improving, there is no goal in sight, and sometimes we can feel invisible. You may be a great employee, but being a valuable employee is where progress is made. So how can you do this? Here are five ways to stand out at work and become a more valuable employee.

Show up Early, Leave Late

This may be one of the easiest behaviors you can change immediately when it comes to standing out at work. When you arrive early, you show you’re committed, that you care about your job and you take it seriously. The same goes for staying late. We are not suggesting showing up an hour before, but 15 minutes early, and 15 minutes late is just enough to put in that extra effort.

Your boss won’t notice if you leave the minute your shift is over. But they will notice when it’s 15 minutes past and you’re still there. Especially if they are looking for an opinion on something, or need a hand with a task or project. Now you’ve left an impression that you are someone to rely on.

Offer Support/Help to Coworkers

We are not suggesting you take on the workload of others in the office, but offering help and providing support can go a long way. For example, say your coworker sends out important documents or reports to clients, and they need an extra set of eyes to review grammar, spelling, and literacy. By offering to take time to help shows you are a team player, and builds trust with your coworkers.

Suggest New Ideas

Another way to stand out at work is by suggesting new ideas. Doing this is not something that can or should be done daily, but if the opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to make suggestions. Whether it be in a meeting, or when you see a system or procedure that could be done easier or more efficiently. Doing this displays you are eager to improve the company, and that you have strong attention to detail.

Be Proactive

When you are taking action, and constantly problem-solving, you are allowing yourself to catch issues beforehand, in turn minimizing problems for and within the company. Here are some ways you can be proactive at work.

Improve Your Skills

Improving your skills increases your value as an employee, builds your confidence, and puts you in another bracket of knowledge. You can do this by taking a course, watching videos on YouTube, signing up for workshops, etc. When you take the time to improve your skills, your employer will notice your efforts and desire to become more valuable to the company. In turn, this makes you more valuable when you are looking for career growth as well.



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