Keeping on the topic of breaking bad habits, we thought we would compile another list of even more habits you should leave in 2021. Such as staying in a job that doesn’t make you happy, working when you’re sick, thoughtlessly spending your paycheck, and more. Check it out!

Not Putting Time into Your Workspace

Have you put any effort into your workspace since starting your job? Your environment affects everything you do. If you are working in an underwhelming, sterile space – it is going to be hard to feel motivated, inspired and, positive. A lack of organization, artwork, decor, adding your personal touches – may seem like you’re saving time, but really, you’re affecting productivity.

Take some time this month to create some organization systems, bring in some photos from home, and make it personal. Here are some other ways to spruce up your space.

Staying at a Job That Doesn’t Make You Happy

We saw a significant shift in employees leaving their jobs in 2021. Specifically, 4.3 million people in August to be exact. “’ The Great Resignation’ is real, and it can be seen across virtually all industries.” However, unemployment benefits were not the reason. “The pandemic and the rise of remote work have changed the way we view our lives and the world. – UC Berkeley economist Ulrike Malmendier suggests”. Our health and wellbeing, our job satisfaction, our mental health, and where we are spending our time – have become a priority, and it is significantly affecting our decisions.

If you are feeling burned out, drained, working in a toxic work environment, or simply no longer enjoy what you do – it’s time to reassess.

Working When You’re Sick

Not feeling well but still going to work used to be commendable (depending on who you asked). However, working when you are sick has more negative effects than positive. Aside from lowered productivity and performance, working when you’re sick slows down the rate at which you recover. Throw the pandemic into the mix and it’s more irresponsible and inconsiderate than ever.

This year incorporate the habit to put your physical health first and keep your neighbors safe. Whether it’s a common cold, COVID (of course), or even a mental health day, stay home and prioritize your health.

Thoughtlessly Spending Your Paycheck

With more awareness around job satisfaction and mental health – comes making a priority for things that truly matter. Your budget this year should be one of them. If the pandemic taught us anything it was that a lot of people do not have a savings account.

Take inventory on how often you are ordering lunch at work, or stopping and getting coffee or breakfast on your way into the office. You’re probably spending more in one week than you realize, and more than you’d like to. What about subscriptions, or mindlessly shopping Facebook ads or Amazon?  Review your budget, or create one if you do not currently have one. Set aside spending money for each week and start building up your savings account this year.

Putting Tasks Off Until Tomorrow

Another bad habit we are breaking? Waiting until tomorrow. This may sound easy at the moment, but pushing tasks off until “tomorrow” is only good for *today*. Doing so only strengthens the habit of procrastination, and doesn’t make tomorrow any easier. If you can complete a task today, do it. This year, make tomorrow easier. Your future you will thank you.



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