“Two hundred years later and it’s exactly the same thing. You want to spend every single moment with your children and still have a fulfilling life at work.” ― Nancy Woodruff.  Finding a better work balance is critical to a happy and fulfilling life. However, it looks like something different for everyone. Here are our tips to help.

Schedule Personal Time

Make time during your schedule for things you enjoy doing that help you recharge and relax. For example, maybe it’s a hobby, reading, self-care, spending time with family/friends, completely unplugging, traveling, etc. One of the best ways to avoid burnout and feel more satisfied with your work is allowing yourself personal time.

Create a Set Work Schedule

Too often without boundaries work can seep into our personal time. If you have not had a work schedule thus far – set some boundaries and hours for yourself – and stick to them. When your workday is “done” for the day, unplug.

Evaluate Your Budget/Finances

Knowing where you stand financially can help ease the stress and pressure to work more. Evaluate your finances and take inventory of any unnecessary payments, subscriptions, etc. Assess how much cash flow you’re bringing in, and how much you’re spending. Make any necessary cuts or adjustments and lastly, put your important bills on autopay. Doing this will save you a time and energy in the future. For more budgeting tips, check out — How to Crush Your Money Goals in 2020.

Utilize Your Resources

Maybe it’s a time management app, or assistance from a friend/coworker/business partner, or another resource that you can adopt to help make your life easier, simpler, or more organized. If there are ways that you can save yourself time, it’s worth it.

Work on Your Mindset

If you’re feeling overworked or overwhelmed, evaluate your mindset. Read a personal development book, listen to a motivational podcast, talk with someone that helps you stay positive, or do some meditation. Getting your mindset in the right place is critical for finding better balance in your work/life routine.

Be Rational

Be rational and reasonable with your schedule. Evaluate your previous week. How much time did you devote to work, and to personal time? What days caused you the most stress? What days were you happier with your schedule? If you’re trying to fit in too much work time, or too much personal time and either is causing you stress – make some adjustments for the week ahead and go accordingly.

Learn to Say No

One of the biggest pieces of advice you can have when it comes to finding a better work-life balance is learning to say no. Oftentimes, we commit ourselves to too many tasks leading us to feel overworked. Next time you are asked to do a task that you know you have not made time for – politely decline. For more tips on saying no, check out — 4 Things You Should Say No To At Work.