You can never have too many team bonding ideas, and as we emphasized before – team bonding is a vital component of a successful company.  So here are 9 more to add to your list. Check it out! Number 1 and number 9 are our favorites!

1. Office Trivia

Activity: Create an office trivia game with office-related questions. They can be simple, intricate, light-hearted or as serious as needed. For example, “What is the role of _______ employee?” “Name one item on the kitchen refrigerator”. List all questions and answers on a piece of paper, or in the notes section of your phone. Ask the questions to the group as a whole, and the person to get the most answers right – wins!

Prep Time: Minimal: compile trivia questions.
Supplies: Phone, or paper for Q+A.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Activity: Have the manager or a member of the team create a scavenger hunt list! Here are some ideas to help you: scavenger hunt ideas. It should contain various items, a point system, and have a time limit. You can even include a small prize to entice people to win! Scavenger hunts give the staff the chance to learn how to work together, have some healthy competition, brainstorm, problem-solve and communicate.

Prep Time: Medium.
Supplies: Items needed to create the scavenger hunt, and a map/clues list.

3. Idea Day

Activity: Have everyone in the office take turns sharing an idea for the company. This lets each employee participate in the “bigger picture” of the company and bring their idea to the table no matter their role. The idea should have dimension –first presented, demonstrated how it can be implemented, and include a “business plan” or break down showing how it will be done. This creates inclusivity, builds company culture, and confidence.

Prep Time: Varies.
Supplies: Ideas, demonstrations.

4. Meyers-Briggs Show and Tell

Activity: Use the Meyers-Briggs personality test, (if employees have not yet taken it during the hiring process have them complete the test)– and share results with each other! A manager or team member can volunteer to lead the discussion, ask questions and get opinions on the results. If they feel the test results are an accurate representation of their personality, or maybe they found new traits about themselves. This will also help each team member better understand one another by learning about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and differences.

Prep Time: Minimal: Bring the Myers-Briggs test, or complete the test prior to the show and tell.
Supplies: Meyers-Briggs Test.

5. Brainstorming Session

Activity: This team bonding activity is for large company goals. Whether you want ideas for the next marketing project, or how to improve company metrics/stats/numbers for the upcoming quarter, how to bring in more business, etc. You can prep the team ahead of time with some topics or business intentions and have them come to the meeting with ideas or solutions to elaborate and discuss.

Prep Time: Minimal- Medium: Come up with the tasks, and goals.
Supplies: Minimal.

6. Team Building Kits

Activity: These kits couldn’t be easier. If you’re looking to host/participate in a team bonding activity and you don’t want to do any of the leg work, you can buy a team-building kit, like these or these!

Prep Time: Minimal – None.
Supplies: Kit.

7. Shark Tank

Activity: Exactly like the show – this game is meant for teams to pitch make-believe products in front of a group (the “sharks”). They must have a product, a brand name, the purpose/problem it will solve, and how it will be advertised. Then the “sharks” will evaluate them, and whoever gets the most “investments” or votes, win! This develops problem-solving, creative thinking, and friendly competition!

Prep Time: Medium: Dependent on product development.
Supplies: Products

8. Lunch and Learn

Activity: Have lunch as a team and choose one member to teach the rest of the team a skill! Maybe how to sew, how to perform a task on the computer, a social media tip, etc. The person will demonstrate the skill, present the “how-to”, and the team will learn a new (hopefully) non-related work skill! This can be done consistently throughout the year as each member takes a turn teaching their skill, as well!

Prep Time: Minimal/Medium.
Supplies: Varies by the presentation.

9. Short-Cut Day/Life-Hack Day

Activity: Life-hack day/short-cut day is a day that is spent creating “work hacks”. Maybe you develop or recreate the onboarding/training process, make a document simpler, create a new sales pitch, a useful email template or develop a short-cut for how company tasks are completed —whatever it is, it should cost nothing to create and can be something you can implement in a single workday.

Prep Time: Varies.
Supplies: Dependent.