Regardless of what point you’re at in your career, there has likely been a time you struggled to stand out. There’s always that one employee (teacher’s pet) who envelops the attention, oftentimes scoring opportunities for themselves that you felt deserving of. Being noticed is certainly worth striving for, and plenty achievable for everyone! Fortunately, we are here to give you 5 tips to get to the top of your employers’ list and hopefully land that promotion you’ve been striving for.


From being trained on the job to capping off your 10th year, active listening is a skill worth perfecting, and an easy way to bump you to the top of everybody’s list. When someone is speaking, whether it be someone presenting in a meeting, your boss during your review, or your colleague in a side conversation, you should be actively listening. The number one rule is eye contact. If you’re not making eye contact, you’re not listening. You should also be active in the conversation by reiterating key points the speaker is making, mimicking their body language, and if applicable, offering feedback. If you are not making eye, contact or being actively involved in the conversation it will be assumed you’re uninterested and the person speaking to you may refrain from including you in the future.



No job is too small. Ultimately each member of the team is a necessary cog in the machine. You’re all working toward the same goal so how it gets done is irrelevant. The qualities of a team player go far beyond your ability to collaborate. It shows leadership, accountability, and flexibility and will likely increase camaraderie ultimately boosting productivity. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will bring you to the forefront of your employers’ mind when designating projects to be done or awarding promotions.



Upon completion of a task, do you sit back and wait for work to be given to you or do you go find work? Your employers will be unimpressed that you completed your tasks in half the time it took your colleague to do them if you don’t then use your spare time to complete more. Taking initiative means that rather than waiting for your employer to notice you require additional work, you make them aware. Ask your colleagues if you could take something off their plate, or go straight to your employer to let them know you are ready and willing to take on more work. Showing them that you are eager to grow and learn may entice them to offer you opportunities to do so.



Everybody makes mistakes. Don’t let anyone tell you that they’ve completed each task to perfection since the day they started in their role because they’d be lying. Humans make mistakes – it’s the fastest way to learn. Those who make mistakes and put changes in place to refrain from making the same mistake again will achieve greatness.



Stay ahead. We live in a perpetually changing world, of advancing technology. If you know, you know. Staying on top of industry advancements is a great way to set yourself apart. Take classes, attend conferences, and show your willingness to learn. Don’t hide your findings, let your employer know. When it comes time to implement a new software system that you already know about they may assign you to lead the project.


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