Honestly one of the worst things you can do in your work life is a “No Call, No Show (NCNS).” This could apply to an interview, a phone call, or a scheduled shift, and it essentially means that you do not show up without notice or a reason given. This is not a good habit to get into so if you have found yourself committing this act, stop. It’s a slippery slope and like we’ve said before you never know where life will take you. You may think simply not showing up to the interview is no big deal and they likely won’t remember but I promise they will, and there could be a time in the future you are faced with this person again and they will be hesitant to give you a chance. Always think about your actions and how the consequences could not just affect you now, but also in the future.

If you have a scheduled time for a phone call or interview and for whatever reason cannot make it, let the person expecting you to show up know. We get it, life happens, and you will sometimes need to change the day or time of your scheduled call. Your kids get sick, or you get stuck in a meeting in your current role that you just can’t get out of. I can almost guarantee the person you are rescheduling with will appreciate that you are being proactive in letting them know and selecting a different mutually convenient time to talk. Keep in mind that if you are interviewing somewhere there are likely notes kept in your file on the computer for future reference. So even though you think they won’t remember 3 years ago when you stiffed them, they will, and they are not always inclined to give you another chance. Some businesses say that as many as 90% of candidates do not turn up for their scheduled interviews. The question is, why? People could no call, no show their interview for a variety of reasons. We often see people accepting new positions prior to completing their interview and whether they forget or they are nervous to say something they will just not show up. The person who is interviewing you can likely assume that they may not be the only job you are interviewing for and that’s okay. If you accept a different role that’s okay too but let them know. Who knows, maybe you start the new role and after 1 month you realize it’s not what you thought it was, and if you were upfront ad honest with the other company, they may still consider hiring you if the role is available. However, if you no-call no-showed the interview with no explanation, they may not give you a second look.

Have you have ever no call no-showed a scheduled work shift? Again, the reason people do this is unknown. Could be they just didn’t feel like showing up. Or something could’ve happened on their way to work that prevented them from arriving. The point is if your shift starts at 8:00 am, and it is 8:05 and you are still not there, that’s a problem. Even if you are going to be 2 minutes late, give your boss a call and let them know. If you simply don’t show up, they may assume something happened. Again, who knows where life will take you. You may wind up needing that job back or somewhere down the line you may be applying for a new role and surprise, your old boss is the hiring manager. You never know who you may come into contact with again or when.

If you find that you are encountering a lot of no-call no shows to your open role there may be a few things, you can do. It is recommended that you try to set up interviews within 48 hours of the person applying. As you know timing is key in filling a role and if you wait too long you may miss your chance to hire that individual. Another tip is to offer flexible interview times. Some people work while they are on a job hunt, and they may not be able to meet until after their shift. Offering a virtual interview is also a great tool, as people can typically skip out on their lunch break to complete the interview. Remain in contact with the candidate after the interview. If you know you need to have Bobby, Tim, and Susie’s approval on hiring that candidate let them know you need to further discuss their interview with higher-ups, and them maintain contact to let them know of the status.

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