Writing your resume can seem like an overwhelming task and you may be asking yourself, ‘where do I even begin?’ Whether you are composing your resume with the anticipation of graduating or updating your resume for the first time in years, there are a few crucial components that should be included on ALL resumes. We are here to break it down for you!

First, don’t think about your resume as a whole, try breaking it down into smaller bites. A good resume should include your name and contact information, education, relevant work experience, and skills. Easy, right? Let’s start with your Name and Contact Information:

It is best to use your full name on your resume, try avoiding nicknames. As far as your contact information, this should include your UPDATED phone number and email. If you are providing a cell phone number make sure your voicemail is set up and cleared so the recruiter/employer can leave a detailed message. Also, be sure you are providing an email that you check frequently, as timing is key in finding your perfect career.

Now let’s move on to your Education:

When adding your education, you will want to include three (3) main things: Your level of education, i.e., degree (majors & minors)/diploma, the place you received your education, and the dates of attendance. If you are currently working towards a degree it is encouraged to add the same information, but replace your dates of attendance with, ‘anticipated graduation: YEAR’.

The next section will typically accommodate for around 60-70% of your resume so you want to pay special attention to this. This is your Relevant Work Experience:

Notice I said, “Relevant Work Experience.” Make sure when you add your work experiences you are including those that are relevant to the position of interest. Meaning that if you are applying for a customer service role, for example, make sure your work experience will reflect on your customer service skills and experience. When adding work experience to your resume you will want to include your job title, company name, and dates of employment. Be precise but informative with the bullets that follow which should include your daily tasks and responsibilities. If you are a recent college graduate with little to no work experience, be sure to include internships as well as extra-curricular activities you may have participated in which are relevant to the position you will be applying for.

Be sure to update your resume often so the information is fresh in your mind. For example, if you get a promotion or change jobs, it can be hard to recall your job duties so you should go ahead and update your resume ASAP. The longer you wait the harder it will be to recall key job responsibilities that could benefit you in the long run.

Last on the list is Skills:

At this point, you should feel excited because you are in the home stretch! When compiling your skills, it is again important to gear them towards the position you will be applying for. If you are applying for a role in IT, legal, or accounting/finance, it would be appropriate to add any software you have experience using. If you are applying for an administrative/receptionist role you will want to hone in on your customer service and organizational skills. Again, when compiling your skills be precise but informative.

Well, we made it! By the end of this, you will hopefully have found some new motivation to get that resume going! There are just a couple of small tips we would like to touch on before you go. First, if you can keep your resume to one page, do so! It will keep the interest of whoever is reading it and if you have included the information above it should be clear and concise. Second, TRIPLE check your spelling and grammar. We cannot stress this enough. If you think you have checked it enough, check it one more time. You can also utilize free spellcheck assistance such as Grammarly to be sure! You want your resume to reflect your best work which should include proper spelling and grammar.

We hope you have found this helpful and if you are still feeling overwhelmed, THAT’S OKAY! Feel free to reach out to us at (518) 275-4816 or at jobs@walrathrecruiting.com and we can tell you more about the resume writing service we provide!