Interviews are put in place not only for a company to determine if you have the right skills for a job, but to further understand your knowledge, expertise, and what type of employee you are. One of the most common interview questions that are asked, is “why do you want to work here?”. Companies will ask this question to know your intentions, your preparedness, and to determine whether and why you would be a good fit. Here’s how to answer.

Do Your Research

Before an interview – you want to ensure you know plenty about the company. What is their mission, how long have they been in business, are they a non-profit? Is it women-owned? What is their focus? Where do they conduct business? Learn as much information as you can, and re-read the job description. Gathering this information will be incredibly important to help you gauge why this is a place you want to work for.

Make Connections

Based on the research you conducted on the company, determine what attributes stand out the most. Do you support their mission statement? What about the business being women-owned stands out to you? Do you agree with their values?

Express How You Can Bring Value to the Company

After you share why you want to work for the company, you can also discuss how you can bring value. Disclaimer, this is different than sharing what they can do for you. Sharing how you can bring value – should come in the interest of the company. For example, do you have previous work experience that would be a great addition? Here are some examples.



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