One of your goals for the new year should always be a professional goal. If you’re a boss or a leader, this one is for you. We’ve compiled a list of how to be a better boss, become a more humane leader, and tips on how to keep your employees wanting to work for you.

12 Timeless Ways to Be a Better Boss in 2022

Looking to be a better leader in 2022? Here are 12 ways you can be a better boss, such as adapting your management style to the individual, being transparent, keeping your temper, and more. Check it out!

Dear Boss: This Is What It Would Take To Get Me to Stay Working for You

“You don’t have to remake every facet of the organization in our image, but how about meeting us halfway?” The Great Resignation changed the way employees viewed work. They want more quality, less *we’ve always done it this way*, more meaning, and making a difference. “Eventually, if we can’t be seen and welcomed by organizations like yours, we’ll go somewhere else.”

Mean, Micromanaging Bosses Are Ineffective and Outdated

From a 278-person poll, here are some of the responses of why an individual left their job due to their boss. From demeaning comments, micromanaging, no work/life balance, and more. Here is what to do if you have a *not-so-great* boss.

Becoming a More Humane Leader

“Most of us think we have to make a difficult, binary choice between being a good person or being a tough, effective leader. This is a false dichotomy. In truth, doing hard things is often the most human thing to do. There are two key ingredients — wisdom and compassion — and it takes learning and practice to lead with both, as well as some unlearning of conventional management habits.” Check out these four ways to become a wise, and compassionate leader.

I’ve Been My Own Boss for 7 Years. Here Are 5 Things I Do Every Month to Stay Organized.

If you don’t manage others yet, or simply are your own boss, there are ways to improve your skills.  The steps are simple as long as you are consistently doing them each month. Having mentors and taking breaks for example. Check it out, here.



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