Receiving multiple job offers can seem both exciting and overwhelming. You feel accomplished, yet you also feel torn. How do you make a choice? How do you make the right choice? What are components you can consider to assist you in making a decision at all? We have a few tips, check them out!

Show Appreciation but No Commitment

It is exciting to receive an offer whether that is in person, over the phone or email, make sure you show appreciation regarding their time and also the offer. If you say yes to the offer that means that you technically accepted it so make sure that you are enthusiastic, but do not fully commit if you may be juggling multiple offers or awaiting one.

One of the easiest ways to move forward in the decision making process is ensuring you have a written offer from the companies you are considering. Before you truly consider making a decision have the written offer on hand. If you don’t yet have a written offer from a job that you are highly considering, acknowledge you are extremely interested and wondering when you will receive the written offer. And in the meantime, wait till you receive it. If not, don’t factor that into your decision.  It will help cut down the options.

Gather All Information

While you may be excited over the job offer make sure you stay focused. Determine all the answers you need in order to begin to compare. Some things to keep in mind would be the benefits package, advancement within the company, starting salary with potential signing bonus, etc.

When you have gathered all the information pertaining to one position it will be much easier to figure out the pros and cons between multiple positions for you to ultimately choose one. Do not be afraid to ask questions or circle back to some to make sure you are on the same page with the company. This will demonstrate how your communication skills are as well.

Time Frame

Giving the company a time frame on your decision is a courteous gesture on your end. The time frame can become negotiable depending on how quickly the company needs to fill the position. Keep in mind that even though you may want to say, a week to make a decision, the company may need to know sooner. This is where you need to either figure out which offer to take or if you are waiting for one still, take a chance and either accept the current one or wait. It can be a gamble but listen to your gut and look over your notes!

What are Your Primary Goals

What is most important to you within your career? Could it be advancement? Or maybe it is learning more to advance your skill set. It may be multiple so you need to think about each opportunity and if they match your most important goals. First, figure out what those goals are. If your main goal is to have a salary requirement, that is fine! Goals vary within each individual and it is also what makes us all unique.

Long Term vs. Short Term

When mapping out your job offers, think long term vs short term. What are you trying to achieve long term, and will the company get you on the right path to achieve those results? Or is the position only leading you to your short-term goals? As individuals you need to weigh out which is more important to you depending on your specific needs.