As employees begin to reenter the working world after being furloughed or laid off, there are questions on how to navigate this new (temporary) way of living. Today we’ve compiled a list of interview questions to ask post-COVID-19, steps to make your cover letter stand out, addressing mental health in the workplace, and more. Check it out!

How to Make Career Decisions When It Seems Impossible to Plan Anything Right Now

The pandemic may be far from over, but as businesses continue to reopen and employees begin to job search after being furloughed/laid off, there are positives to be found in this situation.  Here are some tips on how to see this time as an opportunity and how to navigate confidently, such as strengthening your self-awareness, becoming more present, and managing your energy.

5 COVID-19 Questions You Should Ask in A Job Interview

Although you may have interviewed for a job in the past, job interviews now look a bit different post-pandemic, from new types of conversations, concerns, and expectations. To be sure you are prepared and well-informed on a potential job opportunity, here are 5 COVID-19 questions to ask in an interview.

7 Critical Steps to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

“83% of respondents claimed that a great cover letter can land an interview even if your résumé isn’t good enough”. There may be controversy around whether a cover letter still holds the same importance as it once did, however having a cover letter may help you get the attention you need. Here are 7 points to help you.

Employers Need to Address Their Workers’ Mental Health. Here Are 3 Ways to Start

The impact of the pandemic has brought on more stress with being laid off, health-related stress, financial stress, overwhelm, and burnout, ultimately resulting in a decrease in mental health overall.  “Some workers are in crisis and could be at risk for longer-term mental health issues, which can impact business productivity, healthcare costs, and disability absence.” Check it out.