If you consider yourself an extrovert and you’ve been required to work remotely during quarantine, this abrupt change may feel like a challenge. However, it is possible to be productive and enjoy your new set up. Here are some tips to improve your capability and efficiency working from home.

Get Social

One of the things that can be the hardest for extroverts working remotely is the lack of connection and communication. To combat this, get social! Make personal calls on your lunch break, reach out to family and friends, and try to get as much interaction as possible.

Opt for Video Calls

Opt for video calls for work! If you have a conference call or team meeting – suggest utilizing video chat to communicate. Having that face-to-face interaction will help your sense of connection and make working remote feel less isolated.

Encourage Social Activities

In addition to utilizing video chat for conferences, meetings, etc, try using video chat for other purposes like virtual happy hours with the team, lunch meetings, morning calls, etc to get even more face time. When you’re not working – do the same with family and friends!

Get Active

Working independently with limited interaction can also be distracting and lonely. To avoid this; get outside and get active. Go for a walk, run, get some exercise and utilize this time to keep yourself busy. Not to mention being outside can help beat the indoor blues you may be feeling.

Create a Schedule

One of the most efficient ways to feel and stay busy when working from home as an extrovert is having a schedule. Fill up your day with tasks, projects, calls, meetings, and schedule everything. The more of a schedule you have, the busier you will feel which will keep you motivated and productive.

Start a Project

Because extroverts need stimulation – consuming your time with a project can be extremely helpful. Whether it be taking on a new project for work, or outside of work hours with an activity such as a puzzle, cleaning, baking/cooking, or organizing. Filling up your time with large projects will keep you occupied, and can help you feel extremely accomplished as well.

Take Breaks

On the contrary, don’t forget to give yourself time to take breaks. Take a minute or two to step away from your computer, wander around the house, open the windows, get some fresh air, make a snack, and allow yourself time to recharge. Although you naturally enjoy keeping busy – this downtime is essential to your productivity.

Get Dressed for the Day As Normal

Get ready and get dressed for the day per usual. This will not only help you be more efficient, but it will also make you feel “more connected to reality“, which sets a positive and intentional tone for your day.

Ask for Help if Needed

If you feel like you’re struggling with how to adapt – ask for help! When you’re normally working in a workplace environment – social and physical interactions are inevitable. Having to intentionally do so when working from home may make the adjustment harder for some. So if you’re feeling like you’ve tried some of these tips already and are still struggling with learning how to adapt – speak to your supervisor or manager and ask for help. They may come up with ideas or solutions that can help you, and also, being aware and keeping that communication open – helps everyone be more understanding as well.