Is it good timing to look for a job during quarantine when a lot of companies have furloughed or laid off their employees? If you’ve wondered this, you’re not alone. However, there are companies out there that are allowing their employees to work remotely, there are businesses that are still deemed essential, and now with technology today – some businesses are still thriving. So, if you’ve wondered what to do with your job search – keep reading for tips on why you should continue your search!

5 Resume Tips for Senior-Level Jobseekers

How are you navigating your job search if you’re a senior job seeker during this time? Here are some tips to help you. Such as having a professional summary section, limiting your resume to two pages, and separating your skills into sections. Check it out!

Entering the Job Market During a Pandemic

If you’re a college grad (or almost college grad) dealing with the job market during the pandemic, it can be particularly challenging and overwhelming. Aside from already feeling anxious about finding a job that relates to your career, you also have the stress of the increasing unemployment rate and selecting the right choice. Essentially, all you need is a new type of plan. Find out here.

3 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“For years, it’s been a candidate-driven market—but the pandemic has created unrivaled economic uncertainty.” How can you keep your job search active during the pandemic? Expand your network, and adjust your work from home routine. But there’s more. Keep reading, here.

5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although hiring may have stopped or slowed down for some companies, you should not pause your job search. “But, less hiring does mean a more competitive search”. There are a few things you can do. Change your mindset, problem-solve, change the way you network, and be adaptable. Learn more, here.

What Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Mean for Your Job Search?

“Companies might not be hiring today, because they’re trying to figure out how to do business virtually, but they will be hiring,”. Take some time to evaluate your search, and then be proactive. Because it is just a matter of when. Here are some tips.