With quarantine and social distancing orders in place, chances are a lot us of have a decent amount of extra time on our hands. Whether you are working or not – you probably have more downtime than normal. This is why now is the best time to learn and teach yourself new career skills! Here are a few ideas!

Attend Virtual Events/Webinars

During this time, a lot of companies are offering their events virtually. Whether it be a seminar, a summit, a conference, or a speaking event – there may be events that you can join for free, or even at a small cost. Do your research, search a topic, see what events if any are being held that you can attend, and attend them as you would a typical conference. Have something you can take notes with, ask questions if possible, and share with friends!

Take a Free Online Course/Complete a Certification

Now is also a great time if you’ve been wanting to further certain skills in your career! Find a relevant course, or something that relates to your interests, and find out if you can apply or get certified. Some courses are free or are offering discounts because of the restriction on physical attendance. Evaluate the skills you are wanting to improve or that you don’t currently have, and get learning!

Give Yourself a Crash Course in a Computer Program

Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint, Shortcuts in Outlook, Adobe, Photoshop, any computer program you’ve wanted to learn more about – you name it! Take this time to teach yourself some new skills with technology! Our access to the internet is endless and there are tutorials everywhere – you just have to take the time to learn them!

Research Anything on YouTube/Google

YouTube and Google should be your largest resources. If there is anything you do not know how to do, chances are you can find out how to do it on these platforms. So take advantage of that and be self-sufficient! Are there tasks, processes or procedures that you typically outsource, or have to have some assistance doing? Maybe you can learn how to add reminders using Siri on your phone for a specific time or location, or maybe learn some new time management tips, organization, or shortcut tips to help make your job easier.