If you’ve been quarantined long enough, you’ve probably gone through all your snacks, binged a few series, (maybe) thought about exercising but didn’t and you can start to tell you’re feeling sluggish. A lot of what is going on may be out of your control, but your routine and taking care of yourself – is not. Now is an important time to practice some self-care and ensure that you are making your health a priority.

Focus on Eating Balanced Meals

Eating well not only positively affects us physically (obviously) but whether you know it or not – eating well also affects us mentally. According to the Harvard Health blog, a healthy diet has proven “to affect the degree of inflammation throughout your body, as well as your mood and energy level”. If you’re unsure of where to begin there are various blogs, meal plans and recipes found online. Don’t make it complicated with complex recipes, or feel you need to start following a specific plan. Just focus on consuming balanced meals, mostly consisting of vegetables and protein then fruits, then carbs. Keep it simple.

Make Sleep A Priority

Whether you have a schedule from working from home or are just quarantined without having to work – your sleep schedule should not be taking a backseat. Sleep affects your short-term and long-term health, your energy, your productivity levels, your mood, and decreases stress just to name a few! No matter what time of the day you’re getting to sleep – don’t ignore the 7-8 hours.


This is one of those tips that you may want to skip but don’t just yet. Making time for physical activity can benefit you in so many more ways than just your appearance. Exercise improves your energy, sleep, mindset, and releases endorphins which also improve your mood! Go for a walk, get outside, and get your heart rate up.

Social Connection

Whether or not you can physically get together with anyone, social connection is still a vital aspect of your wellbeing and happiness. Make time for video calls, phone calls, meeting a park and staying 6 feet apart. But social connection improves your quality of life, boosts your health mentally, extends your life, and increases your joy.

Give Yourself Time to Decompress

With all these tips, you can’t forget to include ways to decompress. Find something you enjoy doing that calms you – and add it to your list, if not every day. Here are some ideas.