The world of recruiting continues to see huge changes, from the candidate side of things to the interview process and even new technological advances changing the ways talent is sourced. Being that it’s a candidate-driven market, it’s important you stand out and stay ahead of any industry changes. If you’re thinking of new ways to make your brand stand out and attract top talent, here are some creative tactics you can incorporate into your recruitment strategy.

Curate In-Person Events & Experiences

Live recruiting events are a great way for your team to get to know candidates in a less formal setting. To get started, you could host an industry-relevant event or conference, and invite guests for a day or night of networking and learning. If you’re a large enough organization, you can organize speed networking events for specific demographics, like “Women in STEM”, as an example.  

Companies like Glassdoor, Instagram, Whole Foods, and Amazon host events to let prospective candidates get an inside look at the company culture, teams and departments, and recruiters.

If you’re not able to host events, consider sponsoring and being present at events hosted by other organizations that align with your values. Career fairs are a great example of this! These types of recruiting strategies really let candidates get to know your brand before interviewing.

Share Open-Source Documents

Many organizations (specifically technology) post their open-source information for people to learn from and even mimic within their own organizations. 

For example, both Spotify and Etsy post openly about their competency framework and how they’ve built career paths for engineers within their departments. They have posted the full process of how they got there, and what the final product looks like. While this might benefit their competitors in some ways, it also lets engineers looking for their next role know what their company is about, how they value the engineer’s career path, and what they could expect if they were to join. This is important information for job seekers! 

Make Contact Via Facebook, Twitter & More

You don’t need to be a mega-influencer to still see a positive impact on your recruiting through social media. There are many innovative ways that companies are connecting their jobs to candidates through an array of social media channels. 

Marriott Hotels is an example of a company doing a great job at leveraging Instagram to attract top talent. They are regularly featured in the media for their bold initiatives and even have a “Marriotcareers” Instagram account where they let people experience the Marriott career stories while advertising for open jobs directly through their Instagram posts. 

Employer branding should be top of mind for recruitment teams, and leveraging your social platforms is a great place to start!

Reinvigorate Job Descriptions

In the past, many companies had generic job descriptions. Now, they are making bold moves and have redesigned the way job postings look. The typical boilerplate description simply won’t attract the talent you’re looking for. 

Job descriptions need to be thought about as if they are a personal interaction that you’re having with each candidate. They should be enticing, demonstrate the value proposition of that company and team, include a strong call to action, and tell candidates exactly what to expect. 

Job descriptions should also be mindful of the language that is biased towards one gender over another, should be more inclusive, and contain a strong Equal Employment of Opportunity statement. 

Redesign Your Employee Referral Program

Employee referrals are the number one source for quality hires. Referrals also have higher retention, higher performance, and are more likely to get hired. While there is huge value in having a strong referral program, many organizations lack a formal process that is easy or enticing for employee’s use. Consider revamping your program so that people feel more compelled to actually use it! 

No matter which of these ideas you try out, they are all sure to make a difference in your recruiting efforts!