It is common knowledge that internships are something everyone should do before entering an industry. The question, however, is why?

Participating in an internship program is important for many reasons besides just gaining experience. Internships give employees the chance to build their network, practice theory, gain industry knowledge, have a competitive edge, and simply make money!

Good internships also have dual benefits for the employee and the company. It is not a one-way street and can help with both career growth and company growth.

Pro’s for Employers

Internship programs open a world of opportunity for the company itself. It is impossible to predict the future of a business no matter how well things seem to be at a particular moment. Having an internship program guarantees a pool of candidates to fill positions. Internships are also a chance for companies to snag great talent they see early on before competitors do. This ensures that the future of your company is looking upwards!

Similarly, having interns gives a company a test-drive of new talent. It is a chance to be on the lookout for people who will bring something great to the company. Most interns go on to get full-time positions, which makes sense. Companies choose which interns are the best fit and can go on to offer them a full-time job.

Having interns also gives a company the chance to have extra hands on deck and maximize the benefits. Not only are the interns gaining valuable experience and knowledge, but the company is also benefiting from having an extra set of hands to put to work. Not to mention, these are non-salaried positions if even paid, as many internships are purely for the experience. Therefore, a company gets an extra employee for little to no cost.

Another pro of having internship programs is that these younger employees have fresh and new ideas. It’s always good to have new people collaborating but especially a new generation potentially! While interns are typically just beginning to build experience, their insight could be instrumental in developing the company.

Pro’s for Interns

Completing an internship can make all of the difference in somebody’s career. It is one of the first, yet major steps when breaking into an industry.

Interns will get to know themselves, their strengths, and their weaknesses through their work. It is the perfect chance to see if you are genuinely interested in a specific field and even help figure out what skills should be learned or worked on to excel.

Another key takeaway is professional development. Interns learn how to conduct themselves like a professional, how to dress, how to communicate, and much more. Similarly, it is a chance to learn industry knowledge and put yourself ahead of the competition. Being an intern is a hands-on experience with so much to offer besides just textbook knowledge. Plus, many internships offer some type of compensation so you can get paid to learn!

The competitive advantage that interns build is probably the highlight of interning. As previously mention, employers tend to offer full-time positions to interns who excel. Being an intern gets your foot in the door early and offers the opportunity to make a name for yourself before application time comes around.


Whether you are a company contemplating the implementation of an internship program or a student trying to decide if an internship is right for you, the answer is yes!

Companies benefit from having new hands on deck and potential future employees while students gain imperative industry knowledge and the chance to get a competitive advantage over other students entering the job market.