It has come to our attention that interview etiquette has gone stale. If it wasn’t already obvious, a poor interview is a 1-way ticket to an impending job search (and likely a long one if you lack interview etiquette). Interviews are like snowflakes – no two are the same. However, there are dos and don’ts that apply to all interviews and if carefully followed, could bring you success.

Like Marcus Luttrell once said, “You play like you practice and practice how you play.” A potential employer will not be inclined to believe you will perform differently in the workplace than you do in the interview. This goes for interviews of all shapes and sizes and recruiters are no exception. An interview with a recruiter should be taken just as seriously as an interview with a potential employer or they likely won’t send you to their client. Contrary to popular belief, recruiters are not solely focused on meeting quotas and filling roles. It’s their job to connect with their candidates and find a well-rounded fit for potential employment.

To lay it out simply, you will find a list of Dos and Don’ts to review prior to your next interview.


  • Vape – Just don’t do it.
  • Eat or Drink – This is a no-snack zone. If you must keep water, be sure it doesn’t claim any space on your screen.
  • Use your devices – Do not check your phone, apple watch, tablet, etc.
  • Lounge on your bed/couch – This isn’t a coffee break, it’s a chance for you to make a resounding first impression.
  • Wear a t-shirt, pajamas, OR athleisure – Dress to impress.
  • Have a TV or music on in the background – Having sounds in the background can be disruptive and make it hard to hear.
  • Have pets on the screen – Your animals will survive without pets for your 30-minute interview.
  • Show up late – If you show up late to the interview you will show up late to work.
  • Use the bathroom – If nature calls, you must oblige. Just like when you’re going on a long car ride, you should try using the bathroom beforehand.
  • Speak negatively of past employers, team members, etc. – If you do it to one, you will do it to all.
  • Lie about experience/education – If not immediately, then in the very near future, the truth will be uncovered, and you will be left in a sticky situation.
  • Drive – An interview deserves your undivided attention, period.



  • Dress accordingly – If you’re applying for a suit & tie job, then nothing aside from a suit & tie will suffice for your interview. Rule of thumb is to dress how you would for your first day of work. Remember: Overdressed is best.
  • Sit up straight – Good posture will show confidence.
  • Have a neutral background – Any blank wall in your house will do just fine.
  • Make eye contact – This will show that you are attentive, interested in the position you are interviewing for, and not easily distracted.
  • Speak clearly and professionally – This isn’t a race. Speak calmly and clearly to avoid confusion.
  • Communicate with your interviewer – If you are interviewing on your lunch break and need to be in your car or you work from home and your kids may be in the background, let the interviewer know PRIOR to the interview. Either other arrangements/accommodations can be made, or they may be understanding of the situation.
  • Take notes – A pen and paper will allow you to take notes of points you may like to later reference.
  • Arrive on time – If you arrive on time for the interview you will arrive on time to work.
  • Ask insightful questions – You should prepare a list of questions prior to the interview to ask when the time is allotted. If you’re stuck, google.
  • Smile – There is a difference between being professional and being too serious.
  • Test the link before the interview – Be sure you don’t have problems accessing the interview and allow yourself sufficient time to log in.
  • Have a copy of your resume – The interviewer will likely go point by point on your resume so you should follow along in the event they have questions.
  • Do your research – Researching the company prior to an interview can be the determining factor in a potential offer.


Don’t put all your eggs into one basket and save your best interview for one position. You never know what a potential employer will have to offer until you give it a chance.


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