Looking for new employment does not happen without a little elbow grease especially if you are currently employed. If you find yourself in this position, there are 4 main rules to abide by and they are: keep your position, keep it private, keep it professional, and keep it a priority. There’s no sugar coating it, finding a job while you have a job is like adding a second job to your already busy life.  Lucky for you, our job is to make your job search as easy as possible!

Tip #1: Keep Your Position

We realize that there are certain circumstances that may cause you to abruptly leave your current role in which case you can skip to tip #2.  POV: You’re currently working, and you are looking for new challenges, a higher compensation, or a better work-life balance which you have already concluded that you cannot achieve in your current role, this is for you. First, we strongly encourage you to continue in your current role. In fact, having a job while looking for a job will make you more attractive to a potential employer. It not only shows commitment and loyalty to your current role (which would then translate into your potential new role), but it also shows that you may not be hasty with your decisions. To be honest, you will have no better chance of landing a job whether you are occupied with a current role or not and if you choose to leave your current role you may not find a new role as quickly as expected which can lead to an entirely separate issue. This will cause a gap in your employment which you will be questioned about during an interview with a prospective employer, and this puts you in a defensive position.

Tip #2: Keep it Private

If you are currently working and decide you need a change, do not go tell your work bestie, Linda, because one way or another word will get out. Nobody is privy to details regarding your job search, and even when you receive and accept an offer to a new role the very FIRST person who should be made aware is your boss. This is a strong argument for using a recruiter as your job search will remain 100% confidential. If you feel it may not be appropriate to have your resume on job sites that is perfectly okay, try to limit it to applications that are directly submitted to the company and let them know you would like to keep it confidential.

Tip #3: Keep it Professional

The rule of thumb is that what you do for one, you will do for the other. This goes for respecting the hours you are being paid to work by your current employer, giving a proper weeks’ notice, and not speaking negatively about your current employer or coworkers. Any job hunting or submitting of applications should be done on your own time. If you are contacted by a potential employer regarding a new role, be sure to let them know your times of availability whether it be before work, after work, or during a lunch hour. Let them know this is the time frame in which you would be available for any calls or interviews, and they will be happy to work with you.

Tip #4: Keep it a Priority

Remind yourself that there is a reason you are looking for new employment in the first place. A new job will not just be handed to you, you must put in the work to see the gold medal at the end. As stated in tip #3, you need to be respectful of the hours you are being paid to work by your current employer. Though with that being said, it’s just as important you make yourself available at the hours you stated you would be available. We understand that there may be a time that you need to reschedule due to an unforeseen meeting or project given at your current role, but if you are constantly choosing your current role over your desire to find a new one, are you really helping yourself? Your job search will only be as big of a priority as you make it and regardless of how you spin it, this will require spending some extra hours submitting applications, or interviewing.

If you find yourself struggling to balance a job search while managing your current role, give us a call at (518) 275-4816. Our services are completely FREE, and we will schedule every phone call and interview within your given time frame to take some of the work off your plate!