If you’ve found yourself in a job search receiving what feels like endless rejection, there might be a culprit. There are factors that may be hindering your job search that (luckily) are in your control, and you may just be overlooking them. We’ve compiled a list of 6 common reasons why you may not make it past the 1st round of interviews or even be considered for an interview in the first place.


As appealing as it may seem to decorate your social media accounts with the latest protests or posed photos from your beach vacation, that may not be supportive of your job search. Keep in mind when you are posting content to your social media accounts that once it is on the internet it cannot be erased. Do not put it past your potential employer to give a quick scroll through your Facebook account and take it for face value. In fact, over 92% of companies use social media platforms to look up candidates. A helpful tip is to keep your social media accounts private and ensure that your profile/cover photos are appropriate.


Did you know that 75% of resume rejections are due to unprofessional email addresses? Your email is not the place to express your love for Trey, your political views, or old band names. Keep it professional. A safe way to ensure your email is acceptable is to have some version of your first, middle, or last name with a number or two. To keep it simple we encourage you to have a separate email for personal vs. professional. This way when you submit that job application you can feel secure knowing your email will not stand in the way of scoring that interview.


To bounce off my previous point, you may be hard to get ahold of. If you are submitting a job application, you should be checking your email frequently as well as keeping active on your phone. Of course, if you’re currently working while in a job search you do not have to answer your phone while you’re on the clock. Though during your breaks or after hours make sure to respond to that voicemail or email and explain what times of the day work best to get in touch with you. Another thing, and we CAN NOT stress this enough, make sure your voicemail box is set up and clear to receive incoming voicemails. The employer may be trying to reach you via phone but is unable to leave a message due to a not yet set up or full voicemail box and if you are also not checking your email you may miss your opportunity.

      4. JOB HOPPER

When you look at your resume, do you see 5 different jobs in a 5-year time span? Know that this is what we would call a “job-hopper.” Though you may have an excellent reason behind those 5 different positions it can sure steer a potential employer away when viewing your resume as it presents you as being noncommittal. The employer, rightfully so, is thinking to themselves, “Why would this role be any different?” Keep this in mind when submitting your resume and if you are considered for this position have a plan of action as to how you’re going to explain it.

      5. OVER SHARER

Let’s say you’ve made it to the interview. Everything is going great until they ask why you’re considering leaving your current role. As hard as it may be, refrain from bad-mouthing your previous employer or coworkers. Though there may be truth to what you’re saying this only makes you look bad. A simple answer is that “It was not a good fit anymore,” or, “I am looking for a culture change.” The interview is also not the time to talk about your divorce or your family matters. The interviewer only cares about one thing and that is seeing if you are a good fit for this role, so keep the chatter to a minimum.


Prior to the interview, we suggest having a practice run with a friend or family member. The interviewer will ask you about specifics in your previous role or potential employment gaps you may have had, and you should not look like a deer in headlights when they ask you this. You should be prepared to further explain every bullet point on your resume. If you are hesitant, it may seem like you are putting false information on your resume which is an immediate turnoff, and you can almost guarantee you are not getting a second interview.

If you’ve read through the list and feel you may fall under one of these categories don’t worry as this is all completely fixable. For further assistance in your job search please give us a call at (518) 275-4816!