Working a full-time job takes up at least 40 hours of your week. Therefore, you want to enjoy the atmosphere in which you work every day. However, there may be factors that are preventing you from doing so. Whether it be excessive negativity, lack of management, lack of leadership, or a non-proactive boss; these circumstances can affect your happiness at work. Here is some advice on how to make improvements. Check it out!

Workplace Leaders Foster Either Teamwork or Division

If you’re a manager, team lead, supervisor or boss – your goal should be to motivate, inspire, engage, and build trust with your staff/team members. However, when these traits are missing – the team/workplace environment can feel divided, individualized and can lack chemistry. Check out how great leadership can impact employee engagement.

Fear Is A Bad Leadership Team Principle

There is one crucial job for the CEO of a company, and that is to “model behaviors that squash fear, such as minimizing emotional outbursts, encouraging teammates to challenge him or her, and fostering debate.” Leading with fear does the opposite of that. Find out here.

How to Deal with a Manager Who Doesn’t Manage

Having an overbearing manager/boss can be extremely unmotivating. However, having an absent manager/boss can be just as unmotivating. But how? “An absentee boss can lead to feelings of alienation, job dissatisfaction, and stress”. Here are the negative effects of an absent boss/manager in the workplace, and how to deal with it.

How to Work for a Cowardly Boss

There are many different types when it comes to management and CEOs. Non-communicative, overly bearing, micromanaging, too flexible and especially one who is too timid – etc. “Wanting to please others, avoid failure, and evade hard decisions were three weaknesses we identified in leaders commonly associated with cowardice.” Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid the backlash from working with a boss that is too timid.

7 Simple Ways to Cultivate A Happy Workplace

As a manager, boss, or CEO, developing a workplace that employees enjoy and look forward to is vital. Happiness should be at the forefront of your company’s mission – and should be consistently reviewed, analyzed and modified. Here’s how to promote and encourage a happy workplace.

12 Easy Ways to Improve Workplace Teamwork

If your day to day job responsibilities includes working in a team environment, this one is for you. How would you describe the atmosphere or culture of the team with whom you work? If you’re feeling that it lacks communication, positivity, or trust – it’s time to evaluate the team culture and improve it. Check it out!