In our last blog, we shared tips on how to have a LinkedIn profile that stands out, and today we wanted to share even more helpful tips to ensure you have a strong profile! From listing current positions to creating a custom URL – here are eight more tips to help you!

Always Have a Current Position Listed

Whether or not you’re currently employed – you want to ensure there is a “currently work at” position filled in on your LinkedIn profile.  The reason for this is so that when companies, hiring managers or recruiters conduct their search to look for new hires, they search by your current role to determine if there’s a correlation between your experience and what they’re looking for. Your profile is discovered “16x more”, and your profile views “jump 29x more” when listing a current position, according to Inc.

Be Strategic with Your Connections

There are a few different aspects you want to pay attention to when it comes to your LinkedIn connections. Your number of connections on LinkedIn should be large enough to show that you utilize the platform and that you have credibility. However, you don’t want to go on a spree of adding everyone. You want to ensure that you know your connections. You don’t have to be personally close with each one, but you should have some sort of connection with them (no pun intended) – whether it be a colleague, past manager, or even a friend of a friend.

Get LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are another way to ensure your profile stands out.  Take the time to ask your connections to leave a recommendation for you. The more value the recommendation holds, the better. Having a few solid recommendations will hold more weight than a dozen surface level recommendations. Be conscious of this when asking for a recommendation – and be sure to approve them once they are submitted so they appear on your profile. (Also be sure to give out recommendations if asked, or if you have a strong recommendation you would like to give to someone else, ask them!).

Strive for Intentional Recommendations

When you ask for a recommendation, try to obtain them from different aspects and target different areas of your expertise. Having 6 recommendations talking about how well your leadership skills are is great, but having 2 for leadership, 2 for your strength in problem-solving, and 2 for your technical expertise shows you are well rounded, while also pointing out your expertise. Be selective in what kind of recommendations you ask for.

Oversee Your Endorsements

When LinkedIn first came about for professional use, users would sprinkle endorsements to one another left and right. And before you knew it you were giving and receiving endorsements that you weren’t even sure were “endorsable” or accurate. The key to maximizing the use of endorsements is to ensure they’re accurate and relevant. Remove outdated skills if they are no longer relevant in your expertise and be sure that the ones that are being displayed are applicable to your skills and experience so they serve their purpose.

Engage and Be Active on LinkedIn

As the use of LinkedIn continues to grow, your activity level on this platform is crucial. The more active you are, the more relevant you will become, you’ll appear in more feeds, and the strong presence you’ll develop. When a user visits your profile –immediately they can recognize your activity level of this platform. Congratulate people on new positions, promotions, anniversaries, comment, like and engage on other posts, and the more you do this the more exposure and connections you will make.

Join Groups

Another excellent resource for LinkedIn is groups. Join groups that are relevant to you; your hobbies, interests, industry, education, experience, etc. Not only does this help keep you involved in these fields, but it allows you to be connected to others who are relevant in those fields as well.

Personalize Your LinkedIn URL

This is a simple tip. If you choose to share your LinkedIn URL in your personal email signature, your social media, on your profile, or on your resume – the simpler it is the easier it is to remember. Take a few seconds to customize your LinkedIn URL, here: Customizing your public profile URL.