If you’ve never had a performance review before, or you’ve had many reviews in the past – being prepared is essential. Whether you’re looking forward to your review, or you don’t know what to expect – this is a great opportunity for you and the manager to communicate, get a better understanding of where you stand and make improvements from both ends. Here are some dos and don’ts for your upcoming performance review!

What to Expect from Your First Ever Performance Review

Your first performance review can be super exciting! New job, a new position, you’re starting to feel comfortable in your role – and now you have the opportunity to evaluate your performance to determine if you’re on the right track, or if there are areas you can improve! Here’s what to expect.

5 Tips to Best Prepare for A Performance Review at Work

Depending on how frequent performance reviews are held in your workplace, they’re a great way to regroup, communicate and evaluate. You should come prepared with some points that support your hard work, some questions you may have, as well as where you’re at mentally/emotionally with your position. Are you comfortable with your level of responsibility? Would you like to take on more? Less? Here’s how to prepare.

The Best Questions to Ask at Your Performance Review

Performance reviews are not just for determining how well you’ve been doing your job. They are put in place so both parties can communicate their questions, suggestions, and concerns with one another to build a better understanding, relationship and hopefully improve job satisfaction. Take some inventory on where you believe you are in your role. Now here are some ideas of questions you can ask.

6 Phrases You Should Have in Your Back Pocket if You Want to Ace Your Performance Review

Tying into the last point, you want to ensure both parties exit the meeting with a mutual understanding. If you believe some of the questions or points you shared may have been unclear, that you need to elaborate, or that you want to better understand something your manager has suggested – use this time to do so. Check out these 6 phrases to utilize, here.

10 Things You Should Never Say When Giving a Performance Review

Now that you have a grasp on how to prepare and what questions to ask – here are tips on what not to say from a manager’s standpoint, that you should not say in a performance review. Such as addressing performance in only the previous weeks compared to the entire year (if in a yearly review), comparing employee performance or efforts to their colleagues, asking how they can improve the business, or making unclear commitments. Check it out!

The DOs and DON’Ts of Performance Reviews

Here are some mock-up performance reviews to get a better understanding of some mistakes that could occur and how to solve them – in order to improve performance, successfully communicate and leave feeling accomplished (which is what these reviews are all about!). Find out here!