Whether you’ve had a long term career, you’re just getting back into the workforce, or you’re just simply curious to find out salaries for positions that interest you, we put together a salary guide for 2020! This guide covers pay rate statistics, provides salary calculators, surveys, charts, and more! Check it out!

7 Of the Best Salary Information Websites for Negotiation

If you’re looking to do some research online to determine your proper salary, there are a few great resources you can utilize. For example, websites that are considered the “best salary websites” and allow you to calculate your salary based on job and location, as well as the ability to search by salary and the average of those positions. Learn more here!

LinkedIn Salary

Although this website was not included in the previous blog, “LinkedIn Salary” is another option to consider utilizing when determining your pay, allowing you to view industries, and seeing what other industries offer. Check it out!

Top 8 Tools You Need to Use for Salary Research

“There are a lot of unwritten rules: don’t bring up salary during an interview, let them mention money first, etc. So how do you know what you should (and could) be making?” Not only are there websites to determine your salary, but you’re also able to research statistics and charts with information related to your industry. This blog covers surveys, more salary calculators, as well as what’s legal/illegal for pay.

The Salary Research Guide to Getting Paid What You’re Worth

“You can use salary research to understand salary trends in your industry, learn more about your earning capacity, and prepare yourself for a salary negotiation”. If you’re looking to negotiate your salary specifically – here is how to prepare for it, as well as tips on how to customize your industry and salary search.

These are the Highest Paying Jobs and Highest Paying Companies in 2019

Maybe you enjoy your position, but you have an interest in exploring other industries and what they pay. Would you want to make a career switch? What career industries are the best to get into financially? Here are the highest paying jobs and companies from 2019.