LinkedIn is a vital part of any job search. Earlier in the year, we discussed all of the ways that LinkedIn is of value to job-seekers. There are so many features that help individuals network and increase their chances of getting hired, but we pin making connections as the most important part of LinkedIn. This is something that some may struggle with as it is hard to be the person initiating things. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide on how to make these oh-so valuable connections on LinkedIn!

Basic Connections:

Linked allows users to connect with one another by just the click of a button. Simply find users that may be of value to you, and click connect! This will notify the user that you viewed their profile and would like to connect. Easy right? Not quite.

Since so many individuals and companies are utilizing LinkedIn, there tends to be a large amount of “spam” or generic connections. This is not to say you should only be connecting with users you know because that is not the case either, but be weary of who you are connecting with. Someone with no relevant connections, no photo and no content may not be worth it. 

Because of the issue surrounding “spam” or generic connections, we highly recommend personalizing any requests. 

Personalizing Connections to Show Your Interest:

With just a little bit of extra time and effort, you can improve your chances of making a valuable connection. Write a personal note or message to be sent with the connection request. This small, but crucial step, proves that you are willing to take initiative!

Recruiters, CEO’s, Admirable industry professionals, co-workers and alumni are just a few of the important people you may connect with on LinkedIn. CEO’S and higher-ups are probably getting bombarded with requests. So what’s more intriguing? A generic message from LinkedIn stating that someone wants to connect with you, or a personal message from a user explaining their interest and goals in connecting. I think we all know the answer here!

General Advice:

Before crafting your message, be sure to do some research as to who you are trying to connect with. Finding reasons why that individual should connect with you will accentuate your request greatly. 

Avoiding questions is another huge one here. Save the questions for after the connection is made!

Templates for Connection Invitations: 

There so many ways to craft a message on LinkedIn. Check out some of our favorite ways to invite users to connect with you below!

  1. “It was nice meeting you during the ____ event. I enjoyed talking to you about ____. Let’s be sure to stay in touch.”
  2. “I am a fellow member of the ____ LinkedIn group and I saw your comments about ____. I’d love to stay in touch so we can talk more about it.”
  3. “We’ve share similar thoughts on ___________________ as evident in our comments on [person’s name] post. It would be great to connect here and continue to learn from each other.”
  4. “It’s been a long time since we talked, hope you are doing well. I see you are now working at ____ company, how is that going? Let’s catch up when you have some time.”
  5. “I noticed you are a [school] alumni. I’m pursuing my ________ degree there now. I look forward to learning more about your career progression and following what you share here.”
  6. “I was looking at your profile and I am very impressed with your [specific accomplishment]. Please accept my request to connect, and at some point, I’d love to talk with you about how you achieved ________.”
  7. “I noticed that we are both connected to ___________________. She/he is someone I greatly respect and I’d be honored to be connected with you as well.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make career-changing connections. These guidelines and templates are sure to help you succeed!