Pursuing a job hunt can be a long, tedious process. In today’s job market, many applicants who search for jobs submit their resumes to a handful of companies at a time. This can become confusing or hard to keep track of but staying organized throughout the process Is sure to make things go smoother.  

Organizing your job search can help prevent you from missing a deadline to submit application materials, confusing interview times, forgetting to follow-up, or missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!  Managing the job search is equally as important as locating and applying to opportunities so these tips and tricks are sure to help! 

Create a Job Application Spreadsheet 

Since you are probably applying to more than one or two jobs, it is important to track each application. If you’re familiar with Microsoft excel, google sheets, or another spreadsheet program, this can be a great way to keep all of the jobs you’ve applied for in one place.  

Spreadsheets don’t have to be fancy, they just need to track the important information. This includes the company and position you applied to, what date you sent the application on, the contact for that job and their information, what materials were submitted, when the interview is (if scheduled), any follow-up made, and the status. The status is whether you’ve been rejected, yet to hear back, or received an offer.  

Similarly to tracking all of the jobs you previously applied to, you can also enter jobs you want to or are in the process of applying for. Again, this is a great way to keep tabs on when an application may be due and how much progress you’ve made with it.  

 Set Up Job Alerts 

If you are applying to positions through a job search platform, they most likely offer job alerts. Job alerts are set up to automatically alert you of any opportunities that fit your goal. Utilizing this feature on job search websites takes away the hassle of having to mine through hundreds of postings and instead sends opportunities in your specific industry directly to your email.  

Utilize an Online Job Search Organizer 

There are an array of websites that offer both free or reasonably priced job search management tools. These tools are designed specifically for job seekers and are especially functional when applying to opportunities on that same site.  

JibberJobber is one of the most well-known options and is a great choice when trying to stay organized.  Hunter is another reliable option and its chrome extension makes it easy to save jobs from any job search site in one click. Their mobile app is another pro, allowing you to track your search on the go. 

Organize Your Email 

Since most correspondence regarding job applications happens via email, creating folders or tags for certain types of emails can be a huge help. One way to do this is by creating folders for each company or position you’ve applied for and then tagging each email for that job based on the subject (“Application Materials”, “Phone Interview”, “Formal Interview”, “Follow-Up”, etc.).  

Not every email platform functions the same so find a method that you understand and implement it! Cleaning up your inbox will making managing your job search 10x easier. No more digging for that email with the interview address, just goes right to that jobs folder!  

 Final Tips 

There’s a lot to manage during a job search. This is especially true when applying to numerous jobs per day. Without keeping your job search organized, it can be extremely easy to lost track of a position you applied for, miss a deadline, or become confused. Utilizing organizational tools such as google sheets and Microsoft excel are great options along with job search organizers that are found online. Every person is different, so find a method that works for you and implement it! Your job search will become 10 times more manageable.