Creating a strong resume from the ground up can be a difficult task. Since a resume is the employers’ first impression of a candidate, it’s important to make it stand out. Even the most qualified candidates still need to show off their skills and experience with a stellar resume. Not sure how to start crafting the perfect one? Resume builders can help!  

 There are all different types of resume builders meant to take the stress out of the process. Some focus more on the design and customization of templates while others are less customizable but convey the information in both an exceptional and eye-catching way. Some resume builders also provide feedback and suggestions to make a resume even better! Every site is different, so they don’t all have the same features but depending on industry, skills, experience, and goals there are resume builders that can tailor to everyone’s needs! 

 Now that we’ve covered the basics of resume builders, let’s take a look at our top 4. 

1. VisualCV

 VisualCV is one of the most diverse resume builders. With 40+ templates, there is something for everyone from entry-level to CEO. This site makes it easy to select industry-specific templates and customize them. Another great option that VisualCV has to offer is uploading an existing resume and updating it using the website’s tools. The resources section on VisualCV provides tips and tricks for creating a stellar resume.  

Additionally, VisualCV offers the option to manage multiple resumes. This is a great resource for job seekers applying to numerous jobs. VisualCV will help create, organize and track resumes for each application.   

As if those features aren’t enough, VisualCV offers users the ability to host their resume on the site and view analytics. This is a great way for individuals to see how their resume is doing if it’s effective and who is viewing it. This analytics feature is very welcoming and not available on the majority of resume builder sites.  

While VisualCV has a “freemium” option, the pro option is only $12 billed quarterly for access to even more templates, tips, tricks, and resources including website customization!  

2. JobScan

JobScan is the go-to resume builder for those wanting to optimize their resume. JobScan’s site is easy to use and has step by step guidance. Users can upload a pre-existing resume and then add a job to see how their resume matches up. JobScan utilizes up-to-date research on top systems to provide individualized, ATS-specific tips.  

Since JobScan has users upload an existing resume, this wouldn’t be the best option for those who need help with the actual formatting of a resume. It is, however, perfect for users who are looking to make sure their resume is free of any errors that could prevent them from making it through Applicant Tracking Systems.  

Additionally, JobScan has LinkedIn optimization tools, both resume and Cover letter examples and tips, and many other helpful articles for job seekers!  

3. KickResume

KickResume is another resume builder that is tailored to Applicant Tracking Systems. All of their templates are designed to be read by ATS and the site also has its job search database where resumes are submitted to land jobs.  

This resume builder is the best when it comes to writing resumes. Not only does the site offer grammar correction but KickResume has pre-written phrases for those struggling to word responsibilities or accomplishments. This feature makes Kick Resume a go-to, as it can format, write, improve and market resumes for job seekers.  

On top of all the basic functions KickResume has to offer, it allows users to transform their resume into a one-click website. This is super useful in today’s day and age because technology is everything. Not only does a personal website look tech0-savvy but it’s also another platform for employers to get to know candidates and their skillsets.  

The website customization option is included in the KickResumes premium package, for $8 per month. Not bad at all, but even with their free package users get access to templates, pre-written phrases, ATS optimization, and even more! 

4. Resumup

Resumup is a different type of resume builder, but still on the top of the list. This is a great choice for those interested in making more visual resumes or those entering fields such as social media or marketing, graphic design, and other related fields. Resumup still offers clean and simple resume templates as well as cover letter templates so its visual design is just an added pro.  

Ultimately, Resumeup can turn any resume into an infographic. Additionally, the site has templates for interactive and online resumes, that are managed through a link. This route is super tech-friendly and can be a great option for easy access in today’s world.  

Like mentioned before, this site is super awesome for specific industries that utilize design and technology in the same way resumeup does to build resumes. Having an infographic or online resume is sure to stand out.  

Resumeup isn’t just for creating content either, they have a career planning tool that allows users to set goals and achieve them and a job board where opportunities may be posted. The site has 3 package deals, freemium, pro, and lifetime. Pro and lifetime options include perks such as removing branding on the resume.  

There are so many resources on the web that can be used for building a resume. While all of these sites offer different features that achieve different goals, there is surely something for everyone. Taking the time to customize a resume and make it stand out will make a huge difference-get started today!