This month’s Industry Spotlight is finally here. With all that has gone on in the world and all that is still going on in the world, there is no better industry to highlight than healthcare.

For almost a year now they have been our nation’s frontline. The need for healthcare workers has never and will never go away, but 2020 proved to the world just how much passion, strength, and courage healthcare workers hold.

This is for sure not the only reason that the health and medicine fields are praised, but the reward of helping others is just another pro those working in this industry get to feel. Sure, getting through the schooling to work in healthcare may be hard but keep reading to find out why it’s SO worth it!


The amount of career options in the healthcare field is nearly endless. Ranging from administrative and clerical jobs to nurses, pediatricians, surgeons, and the millions of jobs in between, people who work in this industry love what they do. Having a flexible career path is always an amazing option.

As mentioned in the intro, the schooling for these positions can be grueling. Certain jobs require more schooling while others require specific training but regardless of that, anyone aiming to work in this industry typically begins with studying some type of science at the undergraduate level.

After undergraduate is when the big decisions come in. Anyone looking to earn their MD and hold any job for which an MD is required, taking the MCAT is the big hurdle in between undergraduate and medical school. For those looking to get into nursing, a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) is a common route, although there are some other choices.

There are also professions such as different types of surgeons, who start with typical medical school and residency like physicians and then must receive more specific licensure and board certification. The average amount of time to complete the schooling to become a surgeon is approximately 13 years, not too out of the ordinary for this industry.

Why Healthcare?

It’s already been covered that careers in the healthcare industry are not only highly sought after, but are also extremely rewarding and have the potential to be flexible. These are some great reasons to get into a HealthCare career, especially if things such as helping others and job security are high up on your priorities list.

Not only is the need for nurses and doctors who work in hospitals rising, but behavioral healthcare workers are also in high demand. Therapists, psychologists, and physiatrists have been a staple to society the past year and this trend probably won’t fade anytime soon.

Additionally, the salaries for these jobs are pretty competitive. This is especially true for the ones requiring 10 years of education! Physicians, x-ray technicians, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, psychiatrists, physical therapists and more, all make competitive salaries that enable a satisfying lifestyle.

While some of the positions in healthcare are super high-level, there are many options at the entry-level and beyond. This means that someone without a great deal of education can still break into healthcare and have a stable job. There is so much potential in the industry and options are endless. Not to mention, you’ll never face a dull day. All of those medical related television shows are no joke (for the most part)!


Healthcare is one of, if not the, most secure industries to work in. While it has always been known that our world can’t live without these workers, the past years have opened many eyes to the reality of the industry.

However, even though all of the bad days, doctors, nurses, radiation techs, therapists, and more healthcare workers still love their job. The feeling of reward is unmatched.

Take advantage of the opportunity that this industry has to offer. From salary to security, to flexibility and job satisfaction, don’t miss out on the chance to make a difference while advancing your career.