Crafting a resume to perfection can be a tricky task. From deciding what to include and what not to include, to choosing a format and highlighting your accomplishments, there are so many aspects.

 The overall purpose intends to share a story. So, how do you tell that story? Some of the top things employers like to see on resumes are overall progression, personal branding, keyword research, and embellished skills. There are multiple ways to include these things on a resume and it can be done creatively so that they stand out!

 Visual Aids and Statistics

 Utilizing infographics such as charts and timelines is super eye-catching and can put across a strong message!

 One way to do this is to summarize your professional career with a timeline that has plotted points for work experience. Highlighting major skills under each position will demonstrate your career progression and level of competence!

 Including a chart or graph with statistics about your greatest accomplishments is another creative way to enhance your resume. Employers and hiring managers always want to see accomplishments and also love seeing numbers to prove them. Including how much you helped your companies sales increase one year or how much money you managed for a firm not only proves what you are capable of but also stands out when included on a resume visually!

 Tons of websites offer templates for infographic resumes. These templates have visual elements such as timelines, graphs, and icons built in to portray every element necessary.

 Online Presence and Click-able Resumes

 Since companies love to see a personal brand when hiring, it is important to have a strong online presence. A personal blog, website, or online portfolio is a great way to enhance your online presence while showcasing your skills and work!

 Since resumes are very often sent electronically these days, you can enhance them virtually by adding hyperlinks! Making your resume click-able works great when including a LinkedIn, Blog, Website, or anything else that your potential employer can access virtually through a link!

Even if the resume is not sent electronically, the URL’s will still be available and can be looked up by anyone!

 Research, Research, Research!

 Resumes should be tweaked accordingly when applying for jobs. The goal is to market yourself for a specific position, so making your resume fit this goal will help.

 It is always a good idea to research the position, other example resumes for that position, the job description, and the company. Including the skills that are most highly sought after in this field will prove that you are fit (If you have the skills, of course!). Looking at the job description and making your resume “fulfill” the requirements is also a great way to prove your ability to do the job and gives that keyword research employers always look for!


 Resumes are meant to share the story of your career. There are so many ways to do this that will set you apart from other candidates!

 Resumes don’t have to be plain, add some infographics like charts, timelines and graphics or make your resume interactive with links! And don’t forget, always be sure to do your research and fulfill the requirements of the position at hand. You want to sell yourself to the company!