If your job search has become daunting with little to no sign of (new) employment in sight, it might be a good time to contact a recruiter! Our recruiters work diligently to find each of their candidates their perfect fit and maintain a lasting relationship for not only present but also future opportunities. From submitting your resume to accepting an offer, our services are entirely free. It is our passion to help connect qualified professionals to our extensive client base in positions ranging from entry- to executive level.

Below we’ve listed 5 signs it may be time for you to contact a recruiter and increase your chances of landing a job offer!

Sending Applications With Little To No Feedback 

If you’re submitting endless applications with little to no feedback, you can safely assume there’s a reason why.

Lack of experience

Unprofessional email address

Incorrect contact information on your resume (yes, this happens)

Inadequate education

Too many places of employment in a short timeframe (“Job hopper”)

These amongst others are common red flags that would defer a potential employer from considering your application. Upon contact, our recruiters will notify you of any red flags on your resume as well as determine if your job specifications/requirements align with your job type and industry. For example, a candidate may be targeting a compensation package outside of market value that potential employers cannot accommodate. Our recruiters strive to meet the individual needs of each candidate while additionally observing our clients’.


Searching for New Employment

U.S. workers spend an average of 4.1 years with a single employer, and nearly 65% of American workers are actively searching for new employment which can be intimidating. Using the professional assistance of a recruiter can help ease the burden and carries the potential of finding an opportunity you didn’t know existed. Our recruiters work to cultivate a lasting relationship with each of our clients where their opinion is valued with respect to each candidate.


Victim of A Lay-off –

In less than 6 months, there were over 6 million layoffs to cap off 2022. Despite its outburst in big tech companies, it quickly infected the media industry as well. Falling victim to a (mass) layoff rapidly enlarges the candidate pool vying for the same open roles and with the help of a recruiter, you may stand out.


College Graduate

As a college graduate, you are entering into the workforce with little to no experience. Submitting your resume to a recruiter can open a world of options for you as these first few years of your career can be so crucial in setting the tone for your career. You want to use the degree that you spent years working toward, but life hits you hard upon graduation and you also have bills to pay. Though it can be easy to settle for a paycheck, you will thank yourself (and your recruiter) later for gearing you into the right position.

If you are currently in a job search or a search for qualified candidates to fill your open roles, please contact us at (518) 275-4816.