20 07, 2021

Creative Resumes: Are They Ok to Use?

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Have you ever seen a resume that grabs your attention with a burst of color? Creative resumes are a great way to get noticed, however, you don't want the wrong kind of attention. Dressing up your resume with colors and graphics can be a smart move, but only in certain situations. You have to be careful because you risk distracting from your qualifications and achievements. Today we'll be discussing when it is appropriate to use a more creative resume, and why you should (or shouldn't!). When to Use a Creative Resume The easiest way to know if you should have [...]

1 11, 2016

Infographic: What to Wear at Work- Cracking Office Dress Codes

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Trying to figure out the office dress codes when you start in a new position can be challenging. It’s uncomfortable to ask around before you start, and it can be hard to bring it up in an interview without seeming overeager. If you do know someone within the organization, we recommend reaching out to them and asking what would be appropriate. However, if you’re not given that chance, we have a handy infographic provided by our friends over at T.M. Lewin. […]


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