13 02, 2019

8 Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace

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Trust in the workplace plays a HUGE factor in office productivity. When employees feel that they can trust their peers, their sense of positivity and efficiency increases. We’ve listed 8 ways trust can be lost, earned and built. Some of these tips may be things you don’t even realize you’re doing. Check them out below! […]

19 11, 2018

5 Things You Should Never Do When Starting a New Job

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  There can be a lot on your mind when starting a new job! You absolutely want to make a positive impression on your new boss and coworkers. In order to do so, you want to be careful of walking in and making any of these mistakes we’ve mentioned below. […]

13 08, 2018

How Important Is Corporate Culture During the Job Search

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When on the job hunt, we mainly focus on searching for a job that matches our compensation, benefits, position, and growth requirements. Another important aspect that we should consider is the company’s corporate culture. Though the position and salary may be exactly what you want, fitting in and feeling comfortable in the workplace is very important. If you don’t work well within your company culture, it could lead to a lack of motivation, hostility, and poor work. Find out in today’s blog what type of culture you work well in and how to assess a company’s culture before working there. [...]

1 08, 2018

6 DIY Projects to Spruce up Your Workspace

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Looking to revamp your workspace or are seeking some inexpensive ways to keep yourself organized? Well, look no further! Here are some DIY projects that can transform your office space into a clutter-free zone full of creativity and inspiration. […]

3 04, 2017

Facing Criticism at Work

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No matter how hard you work, everyone will face criticism at some point in their work day. You may be lacking in some responsibilities, or a colleague may disagree with your approach. Whatever the reason for it, a good employee should know how to deal with criticism at work. Firstly, it’s important to recognize that most workplace critiques are intended constructively, not maliciously. Given this, it’s crucial not to react emotionally. We’ll begin by discussing the best way to respond to criticism, and how to determine if it is constructive or not. […]