Interviews in general are a scary thing to handle, let alone multiple interviews for the same company in a short period of time. What could they possibly need to ask still? Is this the final one? Will it be the same person interviewing? Or more people? What if it goes horribly?

We’ve got all the answers right here! From wrapping up your first interview to hearing back after the second interview, everything’s covered.

Getting Invited Back:

For starters, being invited to come back for the second round of interviews is a great sign! It means that you have been chosen as a candidate they are still interested in, and potentially seriously considering. Every company has a different hiring process but sometimes second interviews might even seal the deal on an employment offer!

Since a second interview means a smaller group of candidates and more of a chance, it should add a level of depth and understanding about the position. The ways that second interviews differ from the initial ones provide more insight for the employer and interviewee. The interviewee should get a better sense of what it’d truly be like working there while the employer should be able to tell if a candidate can fulfill the job responsibilities.

What to Expect & How to Prepare:

The second round of interviews often entails additional people. This can be other managers, employees in the department of the open position, or human resources professionals. While it can be nerve-wracking to have all eyes on you, don’t let it get to your head! This is just another way that companies can see if you will fit into the role well.

It is not likely that every single question asked at the first interview will be asked again but there will be a couple of repeats or similar ones. Take time to review questions and responses from the first round. Also consider behavioral questions, especially if they were not covered previously. These types of questions mostly explore how you’ve performed in past positions and how you’d operate in this new position. Practice with sample questions online and think about your past experiences!

You can also expect the salary question to come up for sure. Many dread salary discussion but it is inevitable, especially as the hiring process moves forward. Be sure to have accurate salary data and do research beforehand. Check out our blog, Negotiating Salary: Get What You Deserve, for all you need to know when it comes to talking salary.

Finally, most people prepare questions to ask the interviewer during their first interview. Be sure to do this again for the second. Asking questions is super important and gives the impression that you are highly interested and curious!

Wrapping up the second interview:

Be sure you’ve covered all your bases before leaving the second interview. This may be the last chance to provide employers with anything they need to make a decision.

It’s a good idea to ask about the next steps and an estimated timeline. Chances are the company will be getting closer to making a decision, so you’ll be eager to hear back.

Once you’ve gotten any information or next steps, always thank the interviewer for their time and you can be on your way.

What’s next?

After your second interview is over, send follow up notes or emails to each of your interviewers immediately. This is typically a good idea 1 day after the interview. If possible, recall topics from the conversation in your note to show that you are attentive and genuinely interested in the position. This is another way to show initiative and eagerness about the position.


Always remember that getting asked in for a second interview is a good thing. The hiring committee simply wants to get a more in-depth idea of you as a candidate.
Walk-in with confidence and honestly answer every question with as many details as possible just like the first time! Follow this guide and you will breeze through any second interviews that come your way.