This past year, many businesses either tanked or rose to success amid the pandemic. Those who took advantage of the opportunity climbed to the top, and 2021 will be no different. For anyone looking to get involved with a fast growing, successful and profitable industry, here are some ideas.

Online Gaming

Online Gaming companies have seen huge success after an increase in users, which is no surprise considering people have been locked up at home. With technology still developing and being used now more than ever, the online gaming industry is likely to see even more success in 2021.

Analytics & Digital Marketing

Analytics and big data is another one to keep an eye on. Already a valuable and successful industry, worth approximately $166 billion, every business utilizes big data principles. Companies who do not embrace the data-oriented market fail, so this industry is sure to keep growing in 2021. Similarly, digital marketing is on the come up. New marketing techniques have always been embraced, but with new technologies and an increased online presence, digital marketing is the go-to for brand development and exposure. Both of these trends are growing rapidly as companies look for new ways to create brand recognition.


With these technology-based industries flourishing, cybersecurity is on the come up too. While it has always been an imperative industry, the transition to sophisticated digital tools like advanced gaming, virtual meetings and simply more time on the web means more threats such as hacking. The coronavirus has shown to be one of the most devastating threats to cybersecurity because scammers have found ways to take advantage of the world’s uncertainty with the virus. The need for cybersecurity will continue to rise in 2021, making the industry flourish even more.


From self-driving Teslas to ride share services such as Uber and Lyft, the transportation industry has grown tremendously in just the past few years. Every person, in some way, relies on transportation daily. While moving away from traditional services and creating new, up and coming methods of transportation, the industry will continue to flourish.

Mobile Shopping

The ability to shop for anything from anywhere has become especially prominent throughout the pandemic. When businesses were shut down and in-store shopping was cancelled, many stores turned to apps or websites to implement online ordering and mobile pickup services. While online ordering has been around for years for certain companies, the way it is being carried out has changed. Grocery stores turning to Instacart, stores like Best Buy, Walmart, HomeGoods and more offering curbside pick up with the click of a button and specialty stores implementing online ordering are just a few ways that mobile shopping has evolved. With people still at home and even just the convenience it has to offer, mobile shopping is sure to stay successful as 2021 begins!

2021 is sure to bring continuing success for these industries. If your looking to get involved with a fast-growing company or start a business, these are some great ideas as we kick off the new year!