Although salary can be the ultimate deciding factor, there are other factors to consider when accepting a job offer. We are going to dive into other key elements that people ponder over besides salary.


One of the most important elements besides salary is the benefits that come with the job. What is the package that this company provides? Often, people will take a cut on salary if it means they pay less for their benefits. Individuals need to think about if they aren’t paying much in benefits it may be the same as if they took a higher salary but paid more in benefits. The two options may equal the same or around the same amount for you. If this is the scenario, then you need to factor in other elements to think about what is more important to you. At the end of the day, individuals and families need benefits and some people often can negotiate their salary based off their needs.


How much PTO/ sick days do you get? Can I work remote? Am I able to change my schedule slightly to accommodate other things (kids, another job)? These are a couple questions to ask yourself regarding flexibility. Each of us face deal breakers but what is most important to you?

When considering there are many factors, but the typical ones include having children. Parents like to be there when the kids get off the bus, pick them up after school, or bring them to extracurricular activities. If this means they can take a half hour lunch to get out a half hour earlier to accommodate this challenge, that can be a huge deciding factor. With anything, people like the option of being flexible. It gives them time to enjoy themselves or have the option to make arrangements.


Many people have expressed diversity within the company or their department is crucial. This can be a challenge for organizations especially depending on industry. Many of these organizations have conquered diversion but not inclusion.

Diversion refers to the traits and characteristics of each individual while inclusion refers to the behaviors and social norms that provide people to feel a sense of belonging. These two topics often get confused however once you understand the difference, it can be really eye opening to see how your organization may be or a future one.


Will this position allow me to development my skill set or advance me towards my professional career goals? Advancement within the company is one factor that people find intriguing. So intriguing that it is a deciding factor in accepting the job offer or not.


Often times again, people will take a lower salary if the location of the job is closer to home. This will allow them to cut commute time or be more flexible. If the commute is longer than 20 minutes people have expressed that they feel restricted because of time constraints from driving back and forth. Convenience is key for people so take into account that you may be driving a certain amount of time/ distance to get to/from work. For some people it is worth it to take a cut in salary to save money and time.

Company Culture

Does the company culture fit my personality? What is the general camaraderie? If the culture is negative or lacks leadership, individuals have realized that they have a hard time enjoying their job which effects so many other things like job satisfaction, job performance, distractions, etc. You are able to pick up on the company culture by asking questions throughout the interviews or asking other employees. Not only is it essential to know due to your own peace of mind but also for your professional growth as well. Something to ask yourself is, “Will I thrive in this organization?”.