In today’s job market, offering the full package is necessary to attract top talent and the best potential employees. The full package includes way more than just salary. People want a job that is desirable besides just the weekly paycheck. 

For some people this may mean paid vacations and solid insurance benefits. For others, an excellent Retirment plan could be at the top of their list. So with all these different factors, what exactly does make a job desirable?

The Most Basic Employment Benefits:

Most people, especially those engulfed in careers, focus on fair salary, health benefits and, some sort of retirement fund when looking at job offers. These factors are consistently at the top of the list when people are asked what they look for in an offer. 

For example, Evaluating the out of pocket cost for one company’s insurance program maybe be cheaper than another company’s insurance program which could be a deciding factor for some. This is why it is important for employees to prioritize good job offer packages. An offer with little or no benefits may be turned down if the candidate has interviewed elsewhere. 

Over-the-Top Perks:

Companies such as google and twitter use extreme perks as a way to make employment with them desirable. Google offers lunches made by a professional chef, chair massages biweekly, yoga classes and haircuts as perk for employees. Twitter acts similarly, offering catered meals three times a day, on-site acupuncture and improv classes. 

Other businesses have been known to use college scholarship programs for children as incentive  and even vacation expense reimbursement. While some of these may sound extreme, they sure are desirable, right? That’s the point! 

Other Desirable Job Benefits:

There are an array of other factors that make a job more desirable. Flexible scheduling,  both paid and unpaid vacation time and, options to work from home have been some of the most popular demands amongst those in the job market. A company offering these things in addition to a fair salary and reasonable priced health benefits, is offering the total package. If multiple job offers are on the table, It is always important to compare and contrast the benefits and any other perks. And for employers, it is important to make candidate want to work with your company. A desirable job offer will be sure to draw potential candidates in.